8 Tips for Maternity Fashion + Comfort

Welcome to Part 2 of this super fun and exciting fashion series! I’ve teamed up with Jennifer Romolini, the amazing and style-savvy Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Shine, to bring you the best tips on how to look great during your pregnancy — without sacrificing fashion or comfort!

When I asked Jennifer about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy fashion, she chimed right in, saying she’s “not a huge fan of absolute fashion ‘rules,’ because telling pregnant women to never do something only makes those people feel crappy and there are enough things out there that make us feel bad; fashion shouldn’t be one of them.”

Don’t you just love her?

So instead of focusing on the yeses and nos of maternity fashion, Jennifer shared with me 8 great tips on how to look like a million bucks (don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a million!) and feel like a million bucks in everyday outfits during your pregnancy.

  • No Need to Sacrifice Comfort for Style 1 of 9
    No Need to Sacrifice Comfort for Style
    Look great during your pregnancy and feel great too with these 8 easy tips!
  • Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself 2 of 9
    Don't Put Pressure on Yourself
    First and foremost, Jennifer advises not to put pressure on yourself. Getting dressed can be a source of anxiety for many pregnant women, so Jennifer says, "Pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful miracle, but it's also a time when your body feels invaded by aliens. Wear what makes you feel good, happy, and comfortable!" That being said, there are some simple ways to help get you there.
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  • Fitted Pieces with Loose Pieces 3 of 9
    Fitted Pieces with Loose Pieces
    Creating balance is Jennifer's biggest piece of maternity fashion advice. She suggests combining fitted pieces with loose pieces. Flowy mini dresses with leggings is a great way to highlight legs!
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  • Sleeveless Maxi with Flat Sandals 4 of 9
    Sleeveless Maxi with Flat Sandals
    Pairing a sleeveless maxi dress with flat sandals showcases slender arms. And dresses can be uber comfortable during the bigger months!
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  • Empire Waist Dresses with Belts 5 of 9
    Empire Waist Dresses with Belts
    Adding a belt above your belly is a trend Jennifer's loving right now! (We'll cover belts in another post.) It's a great way to turn an otherwise tent-like dress or top from blah to fab! And it usually makes your boobs look great.
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  • Comfortable Fabrics 6 of 9
    Comfortable Fabrics
    Comfort is key, so Jennifer suggests staying away from scratchy, synthetic fabrics. Go with soft jerseys and cottons that won't further irritate your already-sensitive skin.
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  • Low Wedges 7 of 9
    Low Wedges
    Jennifer points out that heels can be tricky when pregnant, because your center of balance is off. But that doesn't mean you have to forfeit height altogether. Just go for sturdier styles, like these (squeeee) adorable low wedges.
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  • Stacked-Heeled Ankle Boots 8 of 9
    Stacked-Heeled Ankle Boots
    Stacked-heeled ankle boots are another sturdier option that add style without sacrificing safety and comfort.
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  • Flats! 9 of 9
    Jennifer also recommends flats! You certainly don't have to add height. Our fashion expert practically lived in her French Sole ballet flats during her last trimester. Find a cute and fashionable pair that are also totally comfortable. They might even be something you decide to splurge on because you'll wear them so often! Jennifer's one warning when it comes to pregnant shoe shopping? Your feet might be bigger than usual during pregnancy, so you might not fit into your beloved flats after the baby arrives.
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