8 Tips for Reducing Doctor Anxiety During Pregnancy

It’s no secret that I now have doctor anxiety. It’s a new thing for me since I’ve been seeing the same OB since my latest miscarriage and through all 14 months of my infertility journey. Now I want to avoid all blood tests, waiting room waits, doctor visits, and I’ve been avoiding it so much my doctor called to ask where I was.

When I shared my confession of doctor anxiety, I was surprised (and calmed) to hear other women had a similar experience after loss and/or infertility. It was something that I didn’t expect and it really did take me by surprise. I have been to many doctors for many different reasons in the past, but this anxiety has a hold on me right now.

I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow and truth be told, I am so anxious about it that I tried to convince my husband to let me reschedule. He reassured me everything would be fine and that by rescheduling, I would only increase the anxiety. So I’ve started to put together some ways to help reduce the anxiety for myself to make the experience easier on me.

Click through to read about 8 tips I’m using to help reduce my doctor anxiety during pregnancy:

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    doctor anxiety

    Ease the anxiety with a few changes and tips. 

  • Identify Your Anxiety Points 2 of 9

    If your anxiety increases from seeing a white doctor's coat, during certain procedures like ultrasounds or blood tests, or having to get on the weight scale, it's helpful to know where the anxiety is at its highest. You can chat with your doctor about modifying some of the tests, clothing etc. and see if you can find a good balance.

  • Make Your Appointment Early in the Day 3 of 9

    There's nothing worse than sitting around all day, staring at the clock while you wait for your appointment. If you have your appointment early in the day (sometime in the morning), there will be a lot less time to dwell on it and you can get it over with early on in your day.

  • Bring Someone With You 4 of 9

    I have my husband come with me to appointments. He helps keep me calm, he will remember any questions that I've forgotten to ask, and his support helps a great deal.

  • Find an Office With Short Waiting Times 5 of 9

    Waiting in the office waiting room while you're waiting for your doctor can just build up your anxiety. Find an office that has shorter wait times if you can, or ask to come only when it's not behind schedule or over booked.

  • Tell Your Doctor 6 of 9

    If you're having a lot of anxiety, don't keep that from your doctor. Let them know that you've been feeling anxious over your appointment and why. Your doctor may have some tips for how to make it easier, but at the very least, it's good that they know.

  • Book Your Appoinment When You Leave 7 of 9

    I will avoid making another appointment unless the doctor himself calls me to follow-up. To avoid future anxiety, be sure to leave the office with a new appointment already scheduled.

  • Talk to a Therapist 8 of 9

    Anxiety from infertility and/or loss can be overwhelming and it's good to work through it. Find a qualified therapist who is understanding of the issues of anxiety in loss and/or infertility and you'll have a safe space to talk it out and learn coping tips.

  • Put It In Perspective 9 of 9

    Many people avoid the doctor because it means something is wrong. That sure was the case with infertility and/or loss. Remind yourself often that the baby is healthy and these appointments are not for anything bad. You're going to ensure your baby's health!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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