8 Tips for Surviving Pregnancy While Caring For A Toddler

There is a lot of advice out there on how to manage your pregnancy when you’re having your first child. You’re told to nap when you need to, put your feet up in order to survive the fun (sarcasm) symptoms that are unique to pregnancy.

If it’s your second (or third etc.) child that you’re pregnant with now, you may have a toddler at home and realize that things are likely going to be different this time around. You’re now in charge of a little one who may not really understand why mommy is tired, slow, or always in the washroom. Juggling the pregnancy and symptoms, plus keeping things as normal as possible for your toddler with all their energy, may seem impossible.

True, things will need to change a bit but there are some ways you can help make things easier on yourself during your pregnancy when a toddler’s already in your life.

Click through to read 8 tips for surviving pregnancy with a toddler to care for too:

  • Lower Your Standards 1 of 8
    Lower Your Standards
    You're going to be tired and you have a lot on your plate. Lower your standards and go easier on yourself. It's okay if the laundry piles up a bit or the dishes sit a little longer.
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  • Encourage Play Time 2 of 8
    Encourage Play Time
    Encourage your child to play by themselves for a bit. If you're sick with morning sickness having blocks, books and crayons around can be helpful to keep them quietly self-entertained.
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  • Nap Time/Quiet Time 3 of 8
    Nap Time/Quiet Time
    If your toddler still naps during the day -- make sure you take a nap then too! If your toddler is no longer napping that's where you encourage quiet time play in their room or put that movie in and relax for an hour.
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  • Realize You’re Not Perfect 4 of 8
    Realize You're Not Perfect
    Don't beat yourself up and realize that television is not completely terrible! If you're having a particularly difficult day, put on your child's favorite movie and put your feet up.
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  • Find a Care Provider 5 of 8
    Find a Care Provider
    Find a pre-school, babysitter, mother's helper who can watch your toddler for a few hours a week. This can be helpful when it comes to doctor appointments or just getting an extra few hours of sleep.
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  • Involve Your Toddler 6 of 8
    Involve Your Toddler
    Ask your toddler for help and let them be involved. Share with them that you will need their help a bit more now that they will be a big brother/sister. Encourage them to help mommy out by quietly playing or picking that toy off the floor that you just don't want to bend over for. They will feel involved and kids love that.
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  • Ask For Help 7 of 8
    Ask For Help
    Don't be shy and ask your partner to pick up some extra slack or reach out to friends and family for support. Even an hour of someone coming over to play with your child or do wash the dishes can be a big help!
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  • Remind Yourself 8 of 8
    Remind Yourself
    Remind yourself that this won't last forever. It will be more tiring than your first pregnancy, but the time goes by faster than we realize.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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