8 Ways to Beat "Pregnancy Brain" During Your Pregnancy

8 Ways to Beat "Pregnancy Brain" During Your PregnancyWhere did I put my keys?

I forgot another doctor appointment!

If you’re pregnant and these statements have become a part of your every day, you’re not alone. “Pregnancy brain” is a symptom of pregnancy that usually strikes during the first and third trimester and is marked by an increase of¬†forgetfulness.

Pregnancy brain is more than just being preoccupied with growing a baby, it’s a combination of pregnancy hormones that make your brain work a bit slower and other symptoms (like fatigue) that also strike during pregnancy. Normally it’s not something you will have to live with forever, but for some women it can last until after delivery.

There are some ways you can reduce your fog and help you keep on top of all those things you have to remember (like the important doctor appointments)!

Click through to read 8 ways to beat pregnancy brain:

  • Reduce Your Stress 1 of 8
    Reduce Your Stress
    Stress can have a big impact on your life and when you're already tired and forgetful, reducing your stress can have a positive effect.
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  • Laugh About It 2 of 8
    Laugh About It
    It won't last forever so you may as well embrace it. Have a giggle at the interesting new symptom.
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  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat 3 of 8
    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
    Repetition will become your new friend. Repeat and you may remember.
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  • Set Alarms 4 of 8
    Set Alarms
    If you have some where to be or something important to do, set an alarm for yourself.
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  • Give Yourself Extra Time 5 of 8
    Give Yourself Extra Time
    Not only may you be moving slow from the growing baby in you, but being tired will have you moving slow too. Giving yourself extra time to get somewhere is a good idea, especially if you're going to forget where you put your keys.
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  • Get Lots of Sleep 6 of 8
    Get Lots of Sleep
    Sleep will make you more forgetful -- it happens to even us non-pregnant peoples. If you make sure you get enough sleep at night, you may not forget as much.
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  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up 7 of 8
    Don't Beat Yourself Up
    If you're forgetting a lot and it's not in your character, don't dwell on it too much. Chances are it won't last too much longer than after delivery.
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  • Make Lists 8 of 8
    Make Lists
    Lists will become your new best friend. Write everything down, especially if you don't think you need to cause that's probably the time you wish you did.
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