8 Ways to Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

8 Ways to Bond With Your Baby While PregnantWe all lead really busy lives and it can be hard to find that time to slow down and connect with the world around us.

We have work, a partner, other kids perhaps that we are all juggling with little time and with all that going on it can be hard to connect with the little life growing. While it may not seem important until after birth, I believe that the bond is strong with a baby the moment mama finds out she is pregnant and growing that bond while pregnant is an important and amazing part of pregnancy.

I will admit, I have a hard time bonding with the baby right away when I am pregnant. It’s not that I don’t want the baby with every fiber of my being, it’s more about anxiety and fear. Having been through so much loss, I would try and shield myself from any pain until that baby is safe and in my arms, but I realized how important that bonding is.

Click through to read 8 ways you can bond with your baby while you’re pregnant:

  • Give Your Belly a Massage 1 of 8
    Give Your Belly a Massage
    If you're already using coconut oil or cocoa butter on your belly, use this time to bond with baby. A daily massage can give you the time to focus on your growing babe and will remind you to moisturise.
  • Talk to Your Baby 2 of 8
    Talk to Your Baby
    It may seem silly at first to talk to your own stomach, but talking to your baby is a great bonding experience. By 23 weeks gestation, your baby is big enough to respond to noises outside the womb! Some evidence even shows that your baby is calmed by your voice, which is indicated by a slight drop in their heart rate.
  • Respond to Baby’s Kicks 3 of 8
    Respond to Baby's Kicks
    There is no better reminder (other than the giant ball in the front of your body) that your baby is there than when he kicks. A great way to bond is to rub where he's kicking and try to tickle his toes.
  • Make a Scrapbook 4 of 8
    Make a Scrapbook
    Making a scrapbook of your pregnancy is a good way to bond and keep connected with all the small things that are going on. It's a great way to remember what a special time it was when you're no longer pregnant.
  • Meditate with Baby 5 of 8
    Meditate with Baby
    Meditation and exercise are both great ways to bond with baby too. Exercise helps de-stress your body and that will help baby relax and calm as well.
  • Give Your Baby a Name 6 of 8
    Give Your Baby a Name
    If you have a name picked out for your baby, calling him by his new name is a good way to bond. If you're not yet set on a name or prefer to finalize when you see him, try out a nickname in place.
  • Play Music or Sing to Baby 7 of 8
    Play Music or Sing to Baby
    I used to love to do this with my youngest child when I was still pregnant with her. Every night before bed, I would turn on a classical tune and watch her "dance" in my belly.
  • Take Belly Photos 8 of 8
    Take Belly Photos
    Taking daily or weekly photos of your growing belly can help put a small focus on your baby. You can look at the pictures and get a good visualization on how the baby is growing.

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