7 Ways To Help Give Your Partner Baby Fever

A photo I sent to my Husband

I have a huge case of baby fever & I am not talking about the ‘my child is running a high temperature’ type of fever (though, funnily enough, my youngest is dealing with a fever right now). I am talking about the huge and uncontrollable desire to have another baby. I have tried to will it away, rationalize it away and even made a few (hundred) pro/con lists as to why I should or shouldn’t be done having kids. If you’ve been following my story here, you will know that I have it bad too.

The fever didn’t budge and so I stopped trying to fight it. Instead, I actively began trying to convince my husband that I wasn’t crazy and to give him baby fever too. At first I was sure it would never happen — we talked a lot about it, but he didn’t seem too interested. I was committed though and determined that it would happen. I was right — after nearly a full year, the husband caught the fever. He caught it hard and I even think he has it worse then I do now. Crazy right? My ‘plan’ worked though and we’re on our second month of the new operation — Put Baby In My Uterus.

I learned a lot through the process of talking through the different opinions my husband and I had. I should say that we did a lot of talking, we had fun with this and while it was an honestly serious desire, we had a good sense of humor about it.

Click through for 7 ways you can try and give your partner baby fever too:

  • Leave Cute Things Out 1 of 7
    Leave Cute Things Out
    There is no smaller piece of clothing then a newborn sock. It screams all things CUTE about babies. As someone who hates feet myself, I can't even resist them.
    Read the story behind this newborn sock
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Remind Them Of The Cute 2 of 7
    Remind Them Of The Cute
    If you already have a kid or two, try reminding them of how adorably fun newborns are. Break out the old photos and play on their heartstrings.
    Read the story behind this photo
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Remind Them Of Everything They Miss 3 of 7
    Remind Them Of Everything They Miss
    One of my favorite things about newborns is the cute 'boob scan' they do when they're looking for food. Remind your partner of the cute things all newborns do, that you won't experience outside of another babe.
    Photo credit: Raphael Goetter on Flickr
  • Keep Them Out of Loud Kid Areas 4 of 7
    Keep Them Out of Loud Kid Areas
    The last thing you want to do if you're trying to convince your partner for another child is reminding them how loud they are. Stay away from mall or restaurant play areas.
    Photo credit: stevendepolo on Flickr
  • Persuade With Animal Babies 5 of 7
    Persuade With Animal Babies
    I started off showing the husband cute newborns because -- look at it. It makes them think of babies without it being an actual baby.
    Photo credit: plizzba on Flickr
  • Show Adorable Newborn Photos 6 of 7
    Show Adorable Newborn Photos
    If you have ovaries or not, they will ache regardless at some of the professional photographs that are captured these days.
    Photo credit: a4gpa on Flickr
  • Watch Baby Giggle Videos 7 of 7
    Watch Baby Giggle Videos
    There is almost nothing as awesome in this life then the laugh of a baby. I dare your partner not to smile at this one below -- which is my favorite.

    Photo credit: screen shot from YouTube

Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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