8 Ways To Make Coping with Infertility a Little Easier

8 Ways That Make Coping with Infertility a Little EasierWell, it looks like we’ve officially hit the one-year mark of trying to conceive.

I am about to start my 4th medicated cycle and I have hopes that we’re getting closer and closer to actually getting (and staying) pregnant.

Last cycle was the best yet though and I’m holding on to positives because any positives are important when you’re battling infertility. I ovulated last month; that’s the first time in nearly 6 months that my body did what it was supposed to do. Thanks to an increase in my Clomid medication, I am really hopeful for this next month and that feels good.

Coping with infertility is not easy. The emotions are high and fighting with conflicting feelings and unless you’ve been there, it may not be easy to understand. It’s not hard all the time, but there are some things I do that make coping just a little bit easier.

Have a look at the 8 ways I make coping with infertility just a bit easier:

  • I Live Life 1 of 8
    I Live Life
    While I am certainly thinking about fertility often and it's all you really read about here, I don't dwell on this the entire month. I have other things going on and keep busy and happy and this is just a part of my life.
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  • I Talk it Out 2 of 8
    I Talk it Out
    I make sure I don't keep any feelings bottled in. I talk about my worries, my fears, my dreams and always feel better when I let it out.
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  • I Allow Myself to Get Angry — for a moment 3 of 8
    I Allow Myself to Get Angry -- for a moment
    There are times where I feel angry at the situation, at my body and I allow myself to feel that. To not feel bad about feeling the anger or jealousy or whatever because I know it's normal and healthy. I don't dwell in it, but feel it for a moment.
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  • I Trust My Doctor 4 of 8
    I Trust My Doctor
    My doctors have seen me through a lot and have been really amazing with me. Trusting my doctors makes this process easier.
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  • We’re In This Together 5 of 8
    We're In This Together
    My husband is an amazing support and knowing that we're in this together (though the fertility issue is my fault". He never makes me feel like it is or that I am alone.
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  • I Have a Great Supportive Community 6 of 8
    I Have a Great Supportive Community
    Having a support system of people to talk to, who understand and have been through this really makes a big difference. Having all of you share your stories and kind, positive words means so much.
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  • I Allow Myself to Feel What I Feel 7 of 8
    I Allow Myself to Feel What I Feel
    I don't believe it's healthy to keep any feelings in and when it comes to infertility, there are a lot of feelings. I allow myself to cry if I need to or play the "why does this have to be so difficult" card... for a bit.
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  • We Have a Plan — & can change it 8 of 8
    We Have a Plan -- & can change it
    Having a plan and things to do makes the process easier. Also being able to change the plan if we change our mind or want to try something else is a big help.
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