8 Weeks Pregnant: Stats and Symptoms

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Image Source: Thinkstock

This week has been one where the couch is my best friend. I am so tired all the time, so tired that as I write this in a packed café, all I can think about is laying my head down to take a nap. My yawning is out of control. I’m sure people think I’m a narcoleptic at this point.

Besides that, I’m starting to show a lot earlier than before. I’m guessing that’s a third pregnancy for you.

We have yet to hear the heartbeat, but I’m so hopeful that we will tomorrow! Almost 9 weeks – I should be able to right? The twins we heard at 6, but that was some kind of freak deal with the two of them beating away in there. 🙂

Here’s this week for you:


How Far Along: 8 weeks and 4 days!

Size of baby: Raspberry!

Sleep: All I want is to sleep. Yet all that happens is tossing and turning. Too hot, too cold, something smells, the cat is on my head, Sam is snoring. The pregnancy dreams are the weirdest that I’ve ever had.

Total Weight Gain: O_o It’s not pretty. That’s ok, there will be time to lose it after the baby.

Symptoms: Headaches. Awful. From the Zofran for the nausea. Also nausea. Food aversions. Exhaustion. And lots of emotions.

Movement: Nope!

Maternity Clothes: Pants – tried on a top the other day but it looked really silly. Way too baggy still.

Go-to eats: Cereal. Lots of it. All plain, like Shredded Wheat or Cheerios.

Best moment of the week: Having Bella randomly bring up the baby. It’s so cute.

Gender: I keep thinking of this one as a girl, but Sam is convinced it’s a boy. And either way we really don’t care as long as it’s healthy.

What I wish people knew: I still feel panicky when people ask what number baby this is. Because technically it’s not our second. But bringing up the twins makes people instantly feel like they did something wrong – it’s all a bit awkward.

What I’m looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat soon!

Milestones: Tastebuds! Hope you like cereal little one.

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