9 After-Delivery Care Tips For Natural Birth

9 After-Delivery Care Tips For Natural BirthFrom the moment we find out we’re pregnant we spend time planning for the coming months. We plan for our body growing, make plans for how we will deal with some of the likely symptoms, get the key things ready for the baby and read up on what to expect during birth.

One area for me when I was expecting was preparing for how to take care of me after birth. I read about what to expect during labor and delivery but didn’t really focus any time on what to do after and what to expect so I was caught a bit off guard.

There are some key ways you can focus on taking care of you after birth and the more you know beforehand, the better prepared you will be for that time.

Click through for 9 after-delivery care tips for a vaginal birth:

  • Accept Help 1 of 9
    Accept Help
    Allow friends and family to help you after birth. Don't feel like you have to do it all!
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  • Pain Relief for Afterbirth Pains 2 of 9
    Pain Relief for Afterbirth Pains
    Contractions happen even after your baby is born and may last a few days. Talking to your doctor about over the counter pain medications to ease the discomfort can really help.
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  • Ice Packs for Swelling 3 of 9
    Ice Packs for Swelling
    I had both tearing and an episiotomy and using an ice pack really helped after delivery. If you get ready before baby is born by placing wet feminine pads in the freezer, they make the best ice packs.
    Source: MayoClinic
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  • Witch Hazel Pads 4 of 9
    Witch Hazel Pads
    Witch hazel pads can really soothe a sore perinueum area or if you developed hemorrhoids during delivery.
    Source: MayoClinic
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  • Sit on Couch Cusions 5 of 9
    Sit on Couch Cusions
    If you're feeling sore, it may be helpful to sit down on a pillow, but always be sure to take it easy and sit slowly.
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  • Stay Well Hydrated 6 of 9
    Stay Well Hydrated
    Water will be your friend after the birth of your baby for two reasons. It will help keep your bowels going and will aid in your milk coming in for baby. Be sure to drink just a bit more than you think you'll need, you'll be happy you did.
    Source: CNN Health
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  • Stomach Compression 7 of 9
    Stomach Compression
    After contractions can be quite painful and I found that using a tummy wrap really helped. Not only that, but it helped the loose feeling I had in my stomach.
    Source: PostPregnancy Wellness
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  • Eat Lots of Fiber 8 of 9
    Eat Lots of Fiber
    Constipation is a thing after birth as the whole intestines slow down and as your body heals, getting things moving can take longer. Be sure to add lots of fiber to your diet to aid things along.
    Source: SmartParenting
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  • Use a PeriBottle 9 of 9
    Use a PeriBottle
    If you had any sort of tearing or an episiotomy, using a peribottle can be really soothing. Fill with warm water and rinse while using the washroom or after to keep the area clean and it feels better too.
    Source: MayoClinic
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