9 Strange Baby Products I Never Knew Existed

What the heck is a "wee blocker"?!

This post could also be called, “Most Random/Pointless/Weird Baby Products Ever”.

This past weekend I got brave and ventured into Babies “R” Us with my friend Becca to tackle my baby shower registry.  All I can say is…OVERWHELMING.

Before that day I had no idea just how many baby products existed, but apparently there’s a lot and some of them are just flat out strange.

So, without further ado, I bring you 9 of the strangest baby products that I never knew existed.  See them all after the jump!

  • Pacifier Wipes 1 of 9
    Pacifier Wipes
    Can't you just use soap and water?
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  • Pacifier Holder 2 of 9
    Pacifier Holder
    With all the pockets diaper bags have, surely there must be a place to stash a binky, without buying a specific container for it...right?
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  • Baby Whirlpool Spa 3 of 9
    Baby Whirlpool Spa
    For the truly high maintenance baby who demands bubbles and jetted water.
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  • Audible Bath Thermometer 4 of 9
    Audible Bath Thermometer
    I didn't know that bath thermometers existed in general, but I definitely couldn't have guessed that one existed that would sound an alarm if the bath temperature rose too high.
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  • image-1069 5 of 9
    Apparently you put this over baby's "wee wee" during a diaper change to avoid unwanted pee in the face. Seems like a wash cloth would probably suffice, but maybe that's just me.
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  • Crib Space Divider 6 of 9
    Crib Space Divider
    If a crib is too big for a baby, then why wouldn't they make it smaller in the first place? Am I missing something?
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  • Stroller Netting 7 of 9
    Stroller Netting
    I'll preface my confusion with this item by saying that I don't live in a place where mosquitoes and other bugs abound, but does this seem just a bit excessive to anyone else?
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  • Formula Mixer 8 of 9
    Formula Mixer
    I think I'd probably just stick to using a spoon...or that random mini whisk I've already got lying in my kitchen gadget drawer.
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  • Diaper Stacker 9 of 9
    Diaper Stacker
    I happen to think a drawer or a shelf would suffice for diaper stacking, but I suppose if you're looking for another way to bring in your nursery theme, then here it is.
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What are the strangest baby products you never knew existed prior to pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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