9 Experiences Unique to the First Trimester of Pregnancy

I am in the last week of my first trimester and although it seems to have gone by quickly, there are some experiences that I’ve had which surprised me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this pregnant and it’s like I am re-learning and going through it all for the first time all over again.

The first trimester is not easy and while it’s been an amazing time, there are some things, I’ll admit, that are hard to enjoy. From the symptoms to the aches and the pains, the first trimester is certainly an interesting experience. I am trying hard not to fast-forward time during this pregnancy, which could be my last one. I do admit that I am looking forward to some of the easier aspects of the second trimester. Hopefully, the second semester will ease my anxiety!

Here are 9 experiences I’ve had that are pretty unique to the first trimester of pregnancy:

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    first trimester

    The first trimester has been an interesting one!

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  • Buying the Most Expensive Toilet Paper 2 of 10

    I do not care how much it costs, but skimping on the toilet paper is not an option when you spend so much time going to the washroom during early pregnancy.

  • Finding Creative Alternatives 3 of 10

    I really only want to eat super sugary, sour candy. But that's not healthy for myself, my growing baby, or my teeth. Trying to come up with alternatives that will still satisfy my cravings has been a little challenging.

  • Falling Asleep While Talking 4 of 10

    It happens to me, and it happens a lot. I am happy to have an excuse for it, but it is still weird. I am just so tired all the time.

  • Fast Feet For the Washroom Run 5 of 10

    I have had a lot of trouble with morning sickness, in fact it is lasting all day. I have become quite good at running to the washroom or finding other creative ways to handle it.

  • Crying in the Shower 6 of 10

    My chest is really sore—so sore that some times the shower hurts.

  • Being Hungry, But Too Nauseated to Eat 7 of 10

    I feel like I am hungry all the time and I want to eat, but everything smells so bad and I'm not able to.

  • Forgetting I Am Pregnant 8 of 10

    I wanted to be pregnant for so long and I was let down for so many months, that sometimes I forget that I am actually pregnant. I wonder why I am so tired, or feeling nauseated, and then I remember that I'm growing a baby.

  • Getting Creative in the Kitchen 9 of 10

    I have very few things that will stay down when I eat so I have become quite creative about the ingredients in my meals. I've never been so picky about food before!

  • Big From Bloat 10 of 10

    There are some days where I really look like I am 5 months pregnant instead of 3. I have a belly, but it is not from the baby yet. It is all bloat. I wish people would stop asking how far along I am because... I don't want to answer.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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