9 Food Cravings at 9 1/2 Weeks

Early Pregnancy Cravings

Lat week, I shared the few flavor aversions I’ve been having during my twin pregnancy, so I thought it would only be fair to tell you about what I’ve been craving recently. I say “recently” because these cravings began appearing within the last two weeks. I consider myself really lucky because I only suffered from mild nausea from week 5 until about week 7. For the last two weeks, I haven’t been nauseated once. And the cravings have begun full force!

I’ve never been a picky eater keep green peppers and milk away from me and we’re golden. Really. Aside from the few aversions I’m having because of this pregnancy, I’ve always enjoyed all sorts of food. Now, I get to enjoy them even more.

After the jump, check out the nine food cravings I’m having at nine and a half weeks, and tell me what you craved during your pregnancy!

  • CHEESE 1 of 9
    I've always enjoyed cheese, but I didn't often eat it pre-pregnancy. Now I have two or three servings a day. It's a go-to snack for me. And, yes, I'm avoiding the cheeses you're not supposed to eat during pregnancy.
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  • GRAPEFRUIT 2 of 9
    I've also always loved grapefruit, especially grapefruit juice. But I've been eating about three or four of these over the last two weeks, which is more than I've ever eaten.
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  • CANTALOUPE 3 of 9
    I'm not craving watermelon, and the thought of honeydew grosses me out. But cantaloupe has been a favorite food! Cold and refreshing.
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  • BEEF 4 of 9
    Hamburgers and steaks are high up on my list of cravings. Before I got pregnant, I'd eat red meat about once a month (and yes, it often coincided with that once a month), and it was always something I ordered out and never cooked but now I find myself wanting, and cooking, beef a few times a week. I stick to grass-fed, organic beef because I don't believe the hormones and antibiotics that's pumped into commercially farmed beef is good for me, or my baby.
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  • ALMONDS 5 of 9
    The flavor and the crunch has me grabbing for this snack multiple times a day. I'm even adding them to my oatmeal and salads. I also drink almond milk which is amazing and delicious, and not at all disgusting like cow's milk.
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  • PICKLES 6 of 9
    I know, right? PICKLES?! It's true. I currently have three different varieties in my fridge. I love to chomp on these crispy treats. I'm not too surprised by this craving, because I have always loved pickles. But it's oh-so stereotypical.
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  • BERRIES 7 of 9
    Blueberries and raspberries have especially gained my attention. I add them to my protein shake each morning, and I find myself going to sleep at night with excitement for the next day's treat.
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  • PIZZA 8 of 9
    Maybe it's the cheese. Maybe it's the dough. Maybe it's the sauce. More likely, it's all of that. Is pizza not one of the greatest foods on the planet? Or is that just my pregnancy talking?
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  • AVOCADO 9 of 9
    Also a food I usually enjoy, avocados have now become a food I crave. I like to eat them with salads or smeared on a grilled cheese sandwich. And I recently found an avocado smoothie recipe that I can't wait to try!
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