9 Gorgeous Pregnancy Dolls

My kids have never been much into playing with dolls, which is a bummer because I’ve always loved dolls. When I was a kid I had Barbies, Cabbage Patch dolls, and I even got one of the very first American Girl dolls way back when.

However, I think my pregnancy might be spurring some new interest in dolls. I’ve witnessed the kids playing with them more frequently and usually with the same story line—one of the dolls has a baby in her belly and the other dolls are the big brother/big sister. Or sometimes a doll is shoved up my daughter’s shirt and she is the pregnant mom. You get the gist.

So last week I started thinking it would be cool to get my daughter an actual pregnant doll for her birthday in a few weeks. My midsection is growing at an alarming rate and maybe having a doll that resembles me will help her work through whatever curiosities my ever-growing stomach is prompting.

I was worried I would only find creepy anatomy class-type dolls but I found some really good options! Check out my top picks for pregnancy dolls online:

  • 9 Gorgeous Pregnancy Dolls 1 of 10
    Let's get started!
  • The Waldorf Doll 2 of 10
    This doll is made in the Waldorf tradition, meaning it has no facial expression so the user can imagine whatever emotion she wants. Beautiful!
    Get this doll on Etsy for $32
  • Peg Doll 3 of 10
    I think this one is adorable and you can request whatever hair/eye/skin color you'd like, plus pick her outfit. So cute!
    Get this doll on Etsy for $25
  • Barbie Pregnancy Pillow 4 of 10
    This was made me smile for its sheer creativity. This pillow straps on to any standard Barbie doll to make her appear knocked up. Awesome.
    Get this doll on Etsy for $15
  • Cotton and Felt Doll 5 of 10
    Yet another doll you can customize—this one would make a cute gift for a mother-to-be!
    Get this doll on Etsy for $47
  • Paper Doll 6 of 10
    My daughter would love this paper doll because the arms and legs are moveable!
    Get this doll on Etsy for $12.58
  • Stages of Pregnancy Doll 7 of 10
    This is probably the one I would pick for my daughter. I like that you can remove the baby and use it for play after mom has given birth. And it comes with a maternity and non-maternity outfit!
    Get this doll on Etsy for $60
  • Old School 8 of 10
    I guess Matel doesn't currently make a pregnant Barbie doll…but check out pregnant Midge! This is a real deal collector's item.
    Get this doll on Amazon for $119.78
  • The Accessories 9 of 10
    After you've purchased your collector's item Midge doll, don't forget the layette and extra clothes for Midge!
    Get these accessories on Amazon for $26.50
  • Similar to Barbie 10 of 10
    If you can't afford the pricey Midge, opt for this more affordable family set. Though I'm not sure why it comes with a hair dryer. I certainly didn't have time to blow out my hair with a newborn.
    Get this doll on Amazon for $45.12

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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