9 Items for Your Hospital Bag and 1 to Leave At Home

Oh, the hospital bag. That thing that movie moms always direct their frantic husband to grab as they rush out the door after the dramatic 2am water breaking moment. It’s an iconic image but what really goes inside it? There are about as many answers to “What should I pack for the hospital?” as there are to “What should I name this baby?’.

Some women opt to bring a lot of the comforts of home like gowns, robes, and pillows. Others pack labor and nursing aids. Yet others pack as little as possible so they have plenty of room to stash any supplies they can snag from the hospital. (It’s totally allowed for you to grab diapers and wipes before you go! Oh, and those big old maxi-pads too. You’ll want those.).

I’m all about wearing the gowns, socks, and mesh undies the hospital provided because I didn’t want anything of my own to get messed up so my bag is pretty basic – some sweats, an outfit to wear home, baby’s going home outfit, and toiletries. But here are a few little extras that you might not think of when you’re packing for the big day!

  • Underwear and Deodorant for Your Partner 1 of 10
    Underwear and Deodorant for Your Partner
    No husband will think of this. If your partner is a woman, you might stand a chance but pack it yourself anyway.
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  • Snacks 2 of 10
    They might not let you eat during labor but you'll be hungry all the time for the rest of your stay and you'll want to snack between meals. I liked high-protein snacks like nuts.
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  • Magazines 3 of 10
    These are great, easy to read relaxation for the mushy post-partum brain.
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  • Granny Panties 4 of 10
    Granny Panties
    You'll need undies big enough for accommodate big pads no matter how you deliver and if you need a c-section, bikinis could irritate your incision.
  • Chargers and Batteries 5 of 10
    Chargers and Batteries
    You're not going to want to run out of juice on your phone, camera, iPad, laptop, etc.
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  • Champagne! 6 of 10
    What? You deserve a toast! (Unless it clashes with any meds you're on, of course)
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  • A Comb 7 of 10
    A Comb
    I say this because I forgot mine last time. Oopsie.
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  • Nursing Bras 8 of 10
    Nursing Bras
    If you're planning to breastfeed, you might as well be dressed for the occasion. Even if you go the topless route for hospital feedings, having one for the ride home is a good idea.
  • Nursing Pillow 9 of 10
    Nursing Pillow
    This will come in handy as you and the baby figure out the breastfeeding process. I forgot mine and had to send my husband home to get it the next day!
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  • Leave This Home 10 of 10
    Leave This Home
    Jewelry. You do not want to be keeping track of your engagement ring or the diamond earrings you got for graduation. Jewelry has been stolen in hospital so just leave it home where it'll be safe.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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