9 Months Of Pregnancy: A Photo Retrospective

From 4 weeks to 39 weeks.

In retrospect, I was pretty cute the first time I was pregnant.  I mostly kept my figure, only ballooning out when I hit nine-ish months.  Also, I was super excited about being pregnant so I documented the burgeoning belly pretty regularly.  Overall, I gained 50 pounds, from start to finish.

The second time around I was a fat, bloated mess.  I gained sixty(ish) pounds, but I gained A LOT early on in the pregnancy.  Subsequently, I didn’t feel like marking the occasion with photographs.  Which makes me a little said,  I mean, it isn’t about me, it’s about my son.  But I have a feeling he isn’t going to be so into looking at pictures of mom’s fat, naked belly anyway, so I’m not too worried.

When I was pregnant I loved looking at photos of baby bumps and comparing them to mine.  So I figured I’d break out the old photos of my pregnancy with Violet so you can check them out.

Baby bump ahoy, after the jump!


  • 4 Weeks 1 of 10
    4 Weeks
    Starting weight - 123 pounds: the day after I found out I was pregnant.
  • 5 Weeks 2 of 10
    5 Weeks
    The original note I wrote with this photo: "125 pounds - slight cramping, bloated, feeling pings in my stomach., always hungry and always tired."
  • 8 Weeks 3 of 10
    8 Weeks
    The notation with this photo says "127 pounds - two solid weeks of 'morning' sickness. " You can tell the nausea is in full force as I'm in my pajamas with my hair in a bun, which is an important hairstyle for a woman puking a lot.
  • 9 Weeks 4 of 10
    9 Weeks
    I was really meticulous with the weekly documentation and then it just sort of fell off because of intense morning sickness.
  • 11 Weeks 5 of 10
    11 Weeks
    The notes under this photo say "130 pounds - Worst month of my life... SO sick. Finally starting to feel better for several consecutive hours a day."
  • 12 Weeks 6 of 10
    12 Weeks
    Finally seeing the light at the end of the first trimester tunnel. Second trimester begins in two days and I'm actually washing my hair, leaving the house and even wearing make up! Also, dropped back to 128 pounds (all the puking) and am back up at 129. Serge is a God. Best. Husband. Ever.
  • 20 Weeks 7 of 10
    20 Weeks
    Out and about, feeling a bit better.
  • 24 Weeks 8 of 10
    24 Weeks
    Now I know I am carrying a little girl who we will eventually name Violet.
  • 39 Weeks 9 of 10
    39 Weeks
    170 pounds. I started at about 123 pounds.... so overall I'd say I gained about 50 pounds.
  • Then and now 10 of 10
    Then and now
    I darkened my hair during the pregnancy because I didn't want to deal with root upkeep the first few months of Violet's life.





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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