9 Pregnancy Blessings of the First Trimester

9 Pregnancy Blessings of the First Trimester

We live in a wild and crazy world, and sometimes it’s easy to fall into a life of complacency and not truly recognize just how good we’ve got it. I try to live life with a positive attitude. But I sometimes feel as though I should exercise gratitude a bit more often.

When I awoke this morning to images of New York City and the Jersey coastline, I cried. Sure, I’m a little more emotional these days thanks to the pregnancy hormones. But regardless. What Hurricane Sandy left behind is devastating. And it got me thinking about what I’m grateful for. My amazing wife. My incredible family. My stable and enjoyable day job. My writing. My clean and warm home. My dog. And my pregnancy.

The more I started thinking about my pregnancy, the more I realized just how wonderful my first trimester has been so far. So I thought today would be a good day to focus on gratitude and goodness, which is why I’m sharing this with you.

I hope you have many reasons to be grateful today and throughout your own pregnancies. I’d love to hear what you’re most grateful for, so please continue reading after the jump and share your gratitude in the comments.

  • My Amazingly Supportive Wife 1 of 9
    My Amazingly Supportive Wife
    When we officially set out on this journey last April, we really had no idea what we were getting into. By the time we left our fertility center last week, I had calculated that my wife attended 34 of the 37 appointments we had there. Not only did she make these appointments a priority by squeezing them in between her two jobs, but she also makes delicious dinners for me (when she's not working), cleans the house now that I don't like being around the fumes (even though we use green cleaning products), rents just about every movie there is about pregnancy, and sings to the babies every chance she gets. She is my biggest blessing during this pregnancy.
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  • We Found Out We’re Having TWINS 2 of 9
    We Found Out We're Having TWINS
    Sara and I couldn't believe it when our ultrasound tech told us that there are two babies in my belly! We weren't supposed to know that until the following week's appointment, so we weren't prepared for the news at all. Sara and I were going to create a list of pros for both a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy so that we were prepared for either outcome going into the appointment but we never got around to the list because we found out a week early. After the first week of shock wore off for me, we've been so excited for our "insta-family."
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  • My Pregnancy Isn’t a Secret 3 of 9
    My Pregnancy Isn't a Secret
    I understand and respect other women's decisions to wait until after the first trimester to tell others about their pregnancy, but I am SO glad I decided not to wait. It's been wonderful to be able to talk to others and share this joyful journey with friends, family, and the Babble readership.
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  • No Morning Sickness! 4 of 9
    No Morning Sickness!
    Morning sickness was one of my biggest fears, and I was certain that my phobia of vomiting was going to mean that I'd be puking for 12 weeks straight. Not the case. Thank you, Lord! Not only have I not thrown up, but I was only slightly nauseated from week 5 to week 7. I sometimes feel guilty about this, because I know how terribly some women suffer from morning sickness. But mostly, I feel blessed.
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  • Understanding & Supportive Boss and Coworkers 5 of 9
    Understanding & Supportive Boss and Coworkers
    My day job is great. I work with the greatest group of people, and I have the most understanding boss ever. My coworkers and my boss were some of the first people to know about my pregnancy, after my family got the call but before it went up on Facebook. I've needed to take extended lunch hours and have been late to work in the mornings in order to attend my appointments and treatments not to mention the time off I needed for the two egg retrievals and transfers. Through it all, my boss has been 100 percent supportive, not once giving me any grief about time off. I feel very, very blessed because of this.
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  • I’m Able to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits 6 of 9
    I'm Able to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits
    Aside from a few food aversions I'm having, I've been able to maintain my usual healthy eating habits. I know so many women can barely get water and crackers down during their first trimester, so I feel very lucky to be able to eat well.
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  • We Chose Our Birthing Center 7 of 9
    We Chose Our Birthing Center
    At week 7, Sara and I toured local hospitals and birthing centers, and we easily decided on one. There was no stress or hassle in making this decision, and the staff that we met while at the center we chose was gracious, informative, and spot-on with answering and addressing our questions and concerns. We both feel at ease with our decision. It also turns out that I'll give birth to the twins at the same hospital's birthing center that Sara and her twin were born at. Doubly blessed!
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  • Very Mild First-trimester Symptoms 8 of 9
    Very Mild First-trimester Symptoms
    I was mostly concerned about morning sickness, and while I've miraculously managed to skate past that symptom, I've also amazingly not been suffering terribly from any major first-trimester symptoms. I'm a bit more tired than usual; I have a few flavor aversions; my sciatic nerve has been bothering me; I have daily but mild headaches; and my bowel movements are slightly slower and fewer. But I now that I am so, so blessed to be suffering from such mild symptoms.
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  • The Four Ultrasounds I’ve Already Had 9 of 9
    The Four Ultrasounds I've Already Had
    I'll be 10 weeks pregnant this coming Friday and I have already seen our little ones four times through ultrasound images. We've heard their heartbeats on two separate occasions, and already know that they are growing strong and healthy. This is most definitely a blessing, as we know most pregnant women don't get ultrasounds until after the 10th or so week. It's going to be an adjustment not seeing the twins every week now that we've "graduated" from the fertility center!
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