9 Pregnancy Essentials for the Working Woman — Plus, Enter’s $3,000 Giveaway!

Let’s face it: pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable of times — even more so when you’re heading to the office with a baby bump. Just because you might have traded in your heels for sensible flats during these nine months doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style, though: Editor-in-Chief Elise Loehnen shares her pregnancy essentials for women who work outside of the home. Read on for great maternity style tips!

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  • 9 Pregnancy Essentials for the Working Woman 1 of 10
  • Tennis Ball 2 of 10
    As my pregnancy has progressed, and my back has gotten more and more out of whack, I've accumulated some pretty gnarly knots in my shoulders where I was already pre-disposed to hold stress. When I don't have time for a proper pre-natal massage, I lean back in my chair on a tennis ball. What's even better? Lying on the ground at home on a tennis ball. They eradicate knots!
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  • Sperry Top-Siders 3 of 10
    By the end of the day, my feet are pretty swollen: Rather than suffering through the pain — or stretching out my nicer flats — I've invested in a few pairs of bright, Sperry Top-Siders. They're supportive and a little bit stretchy, and in the metallics and patents, nice enough for the office.
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  • Madewell Long Cardigan 4 of 10
    I've tried to invest in the minimal amount of maternity wear: Some jeans, a handful of dresses, and some maternity t-shirts. I have put some money into the long, colorful cardigan bank account, though, because they create the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette, dress up a basic shirt for the work day, and ensure that I'm not flashing my back at my co-workers!. When I wear them over a dress, I'll sometimes tie on a belt above my belly if I'm working too much fabric.
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  • Asos Dresses 5 of 10
    I've bought three midi-length t-shirt dresses from Asos that have seen me through every occasion when I need to look a little bit dressed up. They're wildly comfortable, not overly clingy (but will still give you some shape), and easy on the wallet. I've worn mine alone, or topped with cropped jackets, fancy blazers, or cardigans.
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  • Hatch Collection Twill Button-Down 6 of 10
    My non-maternity wardrobe consists primarily of buttondowns—I always find a collar, and some tailoring, to be the most flattering option out there. Thanks to it's trim cut through the top and fitted sleeves, this version from Hatch Collection delivers all the dignity of the classic—but without the gaping buttons. And this is theoretically something I can continue to wear even after the baby comes.
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  • Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter 7 of 10
    My belly is perma-itchy, but the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter makes it feel better instantly. I slather some on before bed and when I get ready in the morning, but have stashed a spare tub at my desk in case I need a mid-day dose. The smell makes me feel just an eensy bit more awake, too. Find this on Beso, $35
  • Nail File 8 of 10
    Thanks to my pre-natals, my nails have been growing like crazy, which isn't a great thing thanks to the aforementioned itchy belly. I've stashed nail files in my desk drawers, my purse, and in my car to keep them at bay. I'm convinced if I don't I'm going to draw blood!
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  • Necklace from Bauble Bar 9 of 10
    In my normal life, I go heavy on color and accessories—and pregnancy is no different. It's been the best way to make my small arsenal of neutral maternity basics work throughout the week, all while creating the illusion that I'm really switching things up. Maybe nobody is fooled, but layering on fun costume jewelry makes me feel a bit more stylish—and draws the eye up and away from my burgeoning belly. (And butt.) Bauble Bar routinely puts out great pieces for under $100.
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  • Maya Brenner Initial Earring 10 of 10
    As the weeks have ticked on, I've become more and more desperate to meet my son! I wear a little F earring in my second hole for my husband's last name (which our kid will inherit), and as silly as it sounds, it makes me feel closer to him. It's also so pretty and delicate that it doesn't look too punk-y for the office.
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