9 Reasons To Be Glad You're Pregnant

9 Reasons To Be Glad You're PregnantI am so ready to be pregnant already. I just have to be patient for a while yet and keep my fingers crossed.

When pregnant it can be easy to think about the aches and pains and when you’re nearing the end of the 9-10 months we tend to focus on speeding up the clock. While I totally get that it’s uncomfortable and we may miss doing things that don’t really work with pregnancy, there are some great reasons to be happy for your pregnancy.

I am not talking about the obvious reasons like “your body works” or feeling happy that you can get and stay pregnant (those are pretty given), but the fun things about pregnancy — the perks that come with growing and carrying the baby.

Click through to read 9 reasons to be glad you’re pregnant:

  • First Hand Experience of Nature 1 of 9
    First Hand Experience of Nature
    Pregnancy is insane when you think about all the details. It's a true mother nature view of what life is like... insanely cool that your body just knows what to do.
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  • Baby Kicks – ‘Nuff Said 2 of 9
    Baby Kicks - 'Nuff Said
    There really is nothing like it in the whole world and it's one of the things I miss the most.
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  • Always Have an Icebreaker 3 of 9
    Always Have an Icebreaker
    If you walk into a party and you don't know many people or need help somewhere in public, using your pregnant status really helps break the ice and open up the conversations.
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  • Less Guilty Eating 4 of 9
    Less Guilty Eating
    At what other time in life can you have sweets for breakfast and use the 'morning sickness' as a way to justify it.
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  • You Gain a New Respect For Your Mom 5 of 9
    You Gain a New Respect For Your Mom
    It's hard to guess what being a mom is like or what being pregnant is like unless you've been there yourself. You gain a new respect for the woman who grew you.
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  • Good Shopping Excuse 6 of 9
    Good Shopping Excuse
    If you love shopping but hate spending money on yourself, pregnancy brings a good reason to shop. You need new bras and new pants to cover your belly. Also, you can shop for your baby!
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  • You Have a Place to Rest Your Food 7 of 9
    You Have a Place to Rest Your Food
    That growing baby belly can come in handy when you have no where to rest your plate.
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  • Nap is Recommended 8 of 9
    Nap is Recommended
    If I could take one right now I would... but then my husband would come home and be all "you took a nap?" When pregnant it would be more "did you take a nap, yet?"... bonus!
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  • You Have a Surprise to Tell Everyone 9 of 9
    You Have a Surprise to Tell Everyone
    There are few real surprises in life and sharing that you're expecting and sharing the news about the baby (gender, name etc) is one of those rare times you really get to enjoy.
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Photo credit: photostock


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