9 Super Handy Baby Products I'm Recycling: What Would Be Your 10th?

The above are 9 baby products that I’m so thankful I bought for my daughter, Joleen. They all came in so extremely handy in her first year of life, that I’m going to recycle and reuse every single one of them with our baby boy. If you’re getting ready to register for your baby shower, I would 100% recommend putting any one of these items on your registry.

So, why didn’t I put 10 items on my list? I want to hear what all you mamas out there would recommend. What is one baby product that you wouldn’t have wanted to live without? What would make the perfect 10th item on this list?

Continue reading to see the 9 Handy Baby Products I’m Recycling, and where you can snag them…

Prince Lionheart bebePod Plus (orange)– $78.oo on Amazon.

When Joleen was about 4 months old, this little seat came in extremely handy. I would sit Joleen in this and put it in my bathroom while I took showers, scarfed down some food, did some quick cleaning around the house… I used it really anytime I needed my hands free for a few minutes. I’m guessing it will come in super handy again when I need a safe seat to put my little guy in while taking care of Joleen.

Boppy Bare Naked Expandable Miracle Middle Pillow– $29.99 on Amazon.

When I got this pillow, I thought I would be using it to help me breastfeed. Once Joleen arrived, I think I maybe used this during breastfeeding just a couple of times. I actually didn’t like to use it while nursing. For me, it was uncomfortable. However, I did use this pillow a lot. Joleen loved to sleep in her Boppy. I would sit her next to me on the couch, and she would take naps in it. It was a great place to to put her. It also came in handy when she was learning to sit up. I would sit her inside the hole, and it would help her build her little back muscles. On a side note, you can get different covers for your Boppy, so if your first baby is a girl, you can switch the cover if your next baby is a boy, or vice-versa.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table– $45.98 on Amazon.

I bought this table for Joleen when she was just starting to pull herself up to stand. It helped her build her little leg muscles and encouraged her to use her legs to move around. This table kept her very busy. To this day, she still loves it… I hope she will be able to share it with her baby brother…

Madela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump– $390.00 on Amazon.

I’m not going to lie, this breast pump is not cheap. However, If your baby ends up not being a very good nurser like my Joleen, or you’re a working mom pumping for your little one several times a day, I would 100% recommend this pump. This breast pump helped me keep my goal of breastfeeding Joleen until her first birthday. I felt comfortable putting down some serious cash on a good pump because I knew I would be able to use it with all my future babies.

Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet– $149.99 on Amazon.

If you have decided to co-sleep with your little one for the first few months, this co-sleeper is awesome. The Arm’s Reach Mini Bassinet Co-Sleeper is small and compact and fits to the side of your bed. It’s almost like having your baby right in bed with you, but they are completely safe. It is nice and cozy, and has the perfect/unique design if you’re planning to breastfeed. I’ve got mine packed up for now, but I will be getting it back out soon.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active– $86.00 on Amazon.

We used our Baby Bjorn so much. My husband and I loved carrying Joleen around in this, and Joleen sometimes liked to be in it more than her stroller. I would put her in this all the time. It would free my hands up to vacuum, mop, and go on walks with the dog. We were sad when she outgrew it, but we are happy we can soon put our new little guy in it.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo– $64.00 on Amazon.

I think any new mom would agree that having something safe to put your baby in – something that will keep your little munchkin happy long enough for you to actually shave your legs  is worth any amount of money. From about five months old to a year, Joleen would jump and play in her jumperoo for about an hour at a time, a couple of times a day. This jumperoo was truly my saving grace on many occasions. For now, this jumperoo is sitting up in our attic, but as soon as my little guy is old enough to jump in it, you can bet I’ll be getting it down.

Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover (Avocado Damask)- $67.99 on Amazon.

My little Joleen was a very wiggly worm, and if your baby is anything like mine was, you will love this cover. The Itzy Ritzy cover kept Joleen from knocking back and forth in a shopping cart, kept her comfortable in a restaurant high chair that was too big for her, and protected her from nasty germs. I even used this shopping cart cover inside swings at the park to keep Joleen from flopping back and forth. The best thing about this cover is how well it’s made. I bought mine in a gender neutral fabric so I could use it with my next baby, and even though we used it every day with Joleen, it’s still in good shape.

Boon Flair High Chair– $195.00 on Amazon.

There are so many awesome features about this high chair that I dig. I would have say that the first thing to catch my eye was its modern design. My husband and I didn’t want a bulky high chair. I guess you could say we wanted a high chair that looked more like a piece of furniture. However, I did not have to sacrifice function for design. The Boon Flair High Chair is not only stylish, but very baby and mommy friendly. I can roll it around my house, and get Joleen in and out of it very easily. Luckily for me, by the time Joleen outgrows her high chair, it will be time for her brother to go in it.  Thankfully, I won’t have to buy another one… although, if I had to, I totally would. I love it that much.

What item/items would you add to this list? What would make the perfect 10th item to complete this list?

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