9 Things I Really Missed When I Was Pregnant

I have just entered my 1 week wait now — soon it comes testing time to find out if Operation Put Baby In Uterus has been successful. To be honest, I don’t have high hopes for this month — with everything that has happened behind the scenes here at our house, we didn’t really put in a lot of time, if you know what I mean.

Either way, I am still gearing up for pregnancy because I am hopeful it will happen, eventually. As much as I love being pregnant despite the hard 9-10 months that it is, there are some things that I just miss when I am pregnant. Most of these wouldn’t stop me from going forward with plans for baby #4, but I can’t ignore the inconvenience they certainly have.

Click through to find out 9 things that I miss when I am pregnant & tell me I’m not alone:

  • Actually Sleeping 1 of 9
    Actually Sleeping
    When I am pregnant, I get really hot really easily. Add that to the growing belly, the heartburn and the having to pee every 20 minutes and I don't sleep too much.
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  • Hot Baths 2 of 9
    Hot Baths
    When you're pregnant I has been suggested that you shouldn't let your body temperature reach too high. This is what my own doctor said to me at one point and it makes sense. When pregnant, I miss hot tubs and super hot baths at the end of the day.
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  • Not Running into Things or Myself 3 of 9
    Not Running into Things or Myself
    Running into the corner of the room with the growing belly or smashing into my boobs when trying to move my arms, not fun.
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  • Not Worrying About Food 4 of 9
    Not Worrying About Food
    I have enough to worry about when it comes to food since I have food intolerances and celiac disease. When pregnant, I have to add more unsafe foods to my list.
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  • Enjoying a Glass or Two 5 of 9
    Enjoying a Glass or Two
    You know what, I never drank wine until after my third baby was born. Now, I enjoy at least 2 glasses a week. It's going to be weird not having it again for 10 months.
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  • Eating Without Puking 6 of 9
    Eating Without Puking
    I puked all the time when pregnant. I was on medications and all that stuff and I still missed enjoying food without having to bring it back up.
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  • Having Things Fit 7 of 9
    Having Things Fit
    I missed having a wardrobe that I didn't need to change every 3-4 weeks. Waking up and having something not fit only a day later sucked.
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  • Having Normal Sized Feet 8 of 9
    Having Normal Sized Feet
    Do your feet swell when you're pregnant? Mine do and I can'twear the cute shoes any more and basically live in flip flops.
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  • Sleeping on My Stomach 9 of 9
    Sleeping on My Stomach
    I am a big time stomach sleeper. It's hard enough to get comfortable when you're pregnant, but seems much worse when your preferred way to fall asleep are no longer available.
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:: What did you/do you miss while you are pregnant?::


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