9 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Couples Who Are Trying to Conceive

When trying to conceive, it can be a stressful time for the couple. Sometimes it’s taking more than they hoped and for others they may have fears or anxieties about everything unfolding the way they want. Other times they just don’t want to hear anything negative someone may have to say.

Trying to conceive can also be a fun time in a couple’s life. The anticipation of the unknown, the whole amazing pregnancy journey and of course, the addition to a new member of their family. You don’t want to end up being the debbie-downer for a couple by saying the wrong thing — even if you’re not trying to be.

Click through to read 9 things you should not say to couples you know are trying to conceive:


  • “You’re not pregnant yet?” 1 of 9
    "You're not pregnant yet?"
    We all know that when actively trying for a baby, it can be stressful going from month to month not yet pregnant. Even if it's only been a month or two, don't add more stress.
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  • “It will happen in God’s time” 2 of 9
    "It will happen in God's time"
    I personally think this is a lame thing to say to anyone ever. Not only does it bring little comfort, not everyone is religious.
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  • “It only took us one month” 3 of 9
    "It only took us one month"
    Um... good for you! It's not a competition so you shouldn't even bring that up.
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  • “You actually want a kid?” 4 of 9
    "You actually want a kid?"
    Said by someone who obviously hates kids. Don't push your issues on to them.
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  • “Way to take the fun out of it!” 5 of 9
    "Way to take the fun out of it!"
    Well, chore sex is not always the sexiest, but it's not all terrible either.
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  • “You should stop stressing” 6 of 9
    "You should stop stressing"
    We all know stress is not good for fertility, but by telling someone to not stress, you usually make them stress.
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  • “Have you tried [insert unsolicited advice]” 7 of 9
    "Have you tried [insert unsolicited advice]"
    No one likes unsolicited advice for anything, especially when it may be stressful.
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  • “You sure waited a while” 8 of 9
    "You sure waited a while"
    Commenting on anyone's age in relation to their fertility is just a low blow.
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  • “What’s the rush?” 9 of 9
    "What's the rush?"
    If the couple is young, it doesn't necessarily mean they want 'time for themselves' first -- some people want to expand their family and there's nothing wrong with that.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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