9 Tips for Surviving a Pregnancy Cold

As much as it pains me to say this, I’m currently in the middle of my second cold this pregnancy. In fact, my second cold in 2012. Apparently this is what happens when you work in pediatrics after a long time away from kids. My throat hurts, my sinuses are so clogged my teeth hurt and sleeping is even more impossible than usual.

When I checked back at the paperwork given to me by my OB about medications I can take, I was thrilled to discover that the two options suggested for a cold were Benadryl and saline nose spray. And by thrilled, I mean I wanted to openly weep. Because while Bendaryl would put me out of my misery for a solid 16 hours, it would make me incapable of working and would do nothing for any of the cold symptoms. Ditto for the nasal spray.

I’ve recently learned that other OBs allow Sudafed and other glorious medications and I am nothing short of jealous. So I’ve resorted to other non-medicated methods. These are my top 9 tips for surviving a pregnancy cold. Don’t skip #1.

  • 1. Whine 1 of 9
    1.  Whine
    It's okay, just do it. You feel lousy and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. Find a sympathetic ear and have a short pity party. I promise you'll feel a little better just by letting it out.
  • 2. Pick yourself up and start hydrating 2 of 9
    2.  Pick yourself up and start hydrating
    In order to make snot you body has to use a lot of the water you're drinking, which means you're in danger of becoming dehydrated. Drink everything that sounds palatable and then drink some more.
  • 3. Take a warm bath 3 of 9
    3.  Take a warm bath
    Baths are okay as long as your body temp stays below 100 degrees, which isn't too hard if you don't repeatedly run more and more hot water in the tub. A nice soak will help reduce the body aches and the moisture from the bath is nice too.
  • 4. Try a humidifier 4 of 9
    4.  Try a humidifier
    My biggest issue has been the night time cough and sore throat. I'm fine during the day, but I cough all night. The humidifier moistens the air to keep your airways from drying out and it really reduces the cough and helps the sore throat too. Friends of mine swear by the Vicks version, but I'm a little worried that everything will smell like eucalyptus afterwards, so I can't give you an endorsement of that.
    Vick's Humidifier from Target.
  • 5. Rest 5 of 9
    5.  Rest
    I don't mean sitting down at work, I mean going to bed early and sleeping as much as possible. When home, keep your feet up. I slept 10 hours Thursday night and 11 hours Friday night and I even took a cat nap on Saturday. Listen to your body on sleep right now, your immune system needs you to rest in order for it to do its job.
  • 6. Eat well 6 of 9
    6.  Eat well
    I know they say starve a cold, feed a fever, but I am a believer in never starving anything except maybe a stomach virus. Pack your food with vitamin C and protein to keep your body going strong even when you feel the exact opposite. Smoothies have been my friend this week, both for the sore throat and the punch of vitamins.
  • 7. Vitamins! 7 of 9
    7.  Vitamins!
    This is not the week to accidentally skip your vitamins. Even if you're eating well, a daily multivitamin (as approved by your doctor) is always good just to make sure you're not missing anything.
  • 8. Hot tea 8 of 9
    8.  Hot tea
    Hot liquids are your friend for the sore throat. Watch the caffeine because tea can really pack a punch, but otherwise, add some honey and sip away. I've also been drinking a lot of apple cider this week, just because it sounds better than the decaf tea we have on hand.
  • 9. Cry Uncle 9 of 9
    9.  Cry Uncle
    If you're really feeling awful, start to run a fever, or just feel like it's gone beyond the normal miserable level of a cold, give your doctor a call and see if they want to check you out.

What are your home remedies for the dreaded pregnancy cold?

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