9 Tips on How to Survive Your Partner’s Pregnancy

9 Tips on How to Survive Your Partner's PregnancyPregnancy is usually focused a lot on what it’s like for the woman to be pregnant. While a woman is the one who is pregnant, it often affects the entire family — from the kids (if there are some already) to the partner who is there supporting.

I know life is not easy for my husband when I am pregnant. I can be… pretty demanding when it comes to certain things. He has to live with the house being weirdly cold, eliminating all the smells that will trigger a crazy vomit session and the overwhelming food cravings that have him out at the store at 4am.

It’s a wonderful and amazing time, but because I care so much about you all and want your partnership to survive your pregnancy, I have some advice for those partners of ours.

Click through for 9 tips for your partner that will help them survive your pregnancy:

  • Don’t Be Too Protective 1 of 9
    Don't Be Too Protective
    She is pregnant, not broken. While some protectiveness is cute and welcomed, don't hover and complain when she does everything.
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  • Always Have Cravings on Hand 2 of 9
    Always Have Cravings on Hand
    Unless you love going to the store at 4am in your pj's, it's smarter for you to make sure the kitchen is stocked with the food cravings.
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  • Rub Her Feet 3 of 9
    Rub Her Feet
    Feet get painful during pregnancy. Carrying extra weight and water pooling, your partner will be so happy that you've taken the time to help with some of those aches.
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  • Document Everything 4 of 9
    Document Everything
    Even if she says 'no'. Women will often call themselves 'huge' and not want photos taken. Do it anyway because in a few years she will want to look back.
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  • Don’t Dismiss Complaints 5 of 9
    Don't Dismiss Complaints
    Having morning sickness is not fun. Having heartburn or back pain is not fun. Don't dismiss her ailments or tell her she's lucky to be pregnant. They are real symptoms and it will take you a long way to empathize.
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  • Tell Her She’s Beautiful 6 of 9
    Tell Her She's Beautiful
    Some ladies have a hard time with the changes that happen with the body during pregnancy. Even if we're fully up for it, some days we will just feel huge. Be sure to tell your partner just how gorgeous she looks.
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  • Let Her Get the Attention 7 of 9
    Let Her Get the Attention
    Pregnant women get a lot of attention. Let her live it and enjoy it.
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  • Make the Appointments 8 of 9
    Make the Appointments
    Being involved in the pregnancy means making it to the appointments. Be active and involved -- ask questions and get excited.
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  • Get Used to Emotions 9 of 9
    Get Used to Emotions
    Hormones are running crazy! Get used to the tears on minute, laughter the next and the yelling. it's probably not you. If it is... have another look at this list and see what you can do to improve it.
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