9 Types of Irritating People You Meet When Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you may get to a point that nearly everything on earth annoys you. You may get to that point more than once. People – friends and strangers – tend to take the cake on influencing these emotions.

Although some of us find the traits listed below a bit endearing (I’ve never minded a belly touch from someone I know), others are incredibly irritating to any pregnant woman.

I’ve compiled a list of irritating people during pregnancy from The Huffington Post as well as my own to share with you. A funny, bit sarcastic spin on who you might expect to “bump” into as you get further along in a pregnancy. As always, the reaction you give back is completely up to you. Most of these people aren’t aware they’re offending/irritating or they simply mean it as a kind thought that came out very wrong. Nevertheless, it makes for some great conversation after it’s all over.

And you’ve managed to curb the pregnancy rage.

Click through to see the 9 types of annoying people you meet when pregnant:

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    Click through for a look into "who" to expect when you're expecting.

  • The It’s Fine-er 2 of 10

    "Meh," she says waving you off as she lights one up, "My mom smoked with me and look how I turned out."

    Don't bother arguing, this person's got it all figured out for you. You're buying a carseat? Why? Even Britney didn't use one. BPA free bottles? She heats it up in a 1970's Tupperware. No crib bumpers? Heck, she credits those things to the reason she can hold her breath so long. 

  • The Twin 3 of 10

    You're pregnant - and so is she. And for the next 9ish months, you're going to have a little shadow that does everything you do. Love your maternity photographer? She's booked them too. Chopped off your hair for summer? Oh look, so did she. Taking a baby moon? Would you care for her and her husband to join you?

  • The Future Know It All 4 of 10

    She's got it all planned down to the last detail - birth to college. In color coordinated binders. And yes, she's sad for you for not doing the same. At the very least, she thinks you could have asked for money for your shower to bump up your baby's trust fund instead of a crib or something.

  • The Goodbye-er 5 of 10

    After announcing to work you're expecting, these co-workers start to plan maternity leave for you like they would a funeral. Sad faces and foreboding tones insinuate once that little bundle of joy gets here, you'll never come back. 6 months to go? It's simply a countdown to when they can have your new computer screen. 

  • The Anxious "First Timer" 6 of 10

    No matter how many pregnancies she's had, each is a train wreck waiting to happen. Although she's had normal ones and this one is the same, she can't understand why you're not in the hospital each weekend convinced you're in labor. The texts and calls at all hours asking for medical advice pour in if she can't get to her Dr. (or the ER) quick enough. You wonder how she makes it through 9 months without a heart attack. 

  • The Teller 7 of 10

    You sit at the table, holding your partner's hand to tell the big new to the whole family. Christmas Eve. How perfect. And as you clear your throat and look around, your cousin blurts out, "OMG ARE YOU PREGNANT?"

    Leaving the doctor after a quick (routine) check up, you notice 57 missed calls from your mom and a text saying, "Your cousin said you might be in labor??? Did you want to let us know?" 

    Your best friend stops speaking to you because she wasn't the first to find out the gender. You can't figure out how your cousin knew anyway.

    The tellers - always ready to be first. If they don't have their own excitement, by golly you can be sure they're going to borrow yours. 

  • The Toucher 8 of 10

    Some of us don't mind having our bellies rubbed by family and friends. Most people we know are usually smart enough to ask first. But it does get a little creepy when the old lady beside you at the store reaches over to touch. As well as the kindergartner at the group playdate who can't seem to keep his hands off you, as his mom laughs about him being, "ready to be a big brother!"


  • The Smug One 9 of 10

    Everyone has a different pregnancy, but hers is ideal. From mornings at yoga to afternoons spent jogging - she sailed through first tri taking cooking lessons and was thrown a baby shower at the Hilton. She's managed to be "all tummy!" and gain a solid 20lbs total. Somehow she's convinced herself you need to know all of this even though you can just barely answer the phone between entertaining a toddler and waddling to the bathroom again. 

    You're thrilled. You really are. But somewhere between laying on the couch and dry heaving over the toilet, you're starting to wonder why you didn't get just a tiny piece of her pregnancy experience. 

  • The Nosy One 10 of 10

    Are you having a c-section? Have you talked to your doctor about episiotomies? Doing your kegels? Are you going to have more kids? Did you plan this one? How much weight have you gained and WHOA how much did you start out at? Does your Dr know you're eating deli meat? Have you been to a childbirth class?

    Somewhere along the line, this person learned (incorrectly) that pregnancy meant a total free for all into your personal life. Would she inquire about your vagina pre-pregnancy? Absolutely not. Does she think twice about it now? Absolutely not. 

    After all, if you didn't want to make it all public, you wouldn't have gotten pregnant. Right?


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