9 Ways Prince William's Engagement Affects Your Pregnancy

1.  Prince William’s engagement is packed with fetal brain-boosting nutrients

2. Studies show daydreaming about Prince William’s wedding reduces the risk of preeclampsia

3. Prince William’s engagement can be used to soothe pregnancy-related varicose veins and hemorrhoids

4. Children of mothers who speculate about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress during pregnancy are less likely to have learning problems at six months

5. Prince William’s engagement will help you lose the pregnancy weight

6. Coveting Kate Middleton’s engagement ring can be a powerful pain-coping tool in labor

7. Prince William’s engagement is a pregnancy superfood *and* it’s in season

8. Reading stories about Prince William’s wedding, when combined with Vitamin B6, can ease morning sickness

9. Royal watching reduces the chance of a C-Section

No really.

Prince William are Kate Middleton are engaged and frequently when people get engaged they get married. And after that, they often get pregnant! In fact, Kate Middleton is as good as pregnant right now.

Kate is, after all, 28, almost ten years older than Princess Diana was when she got married. Tick-Tock!  If you’re planning on getting pregnant, you could try to time it so that you guys are pregnant at the same time,  then you can go through your pregnancies together. And compare maternity fashions. Kate was recently seen in a bikini, do you think she’ll wear one when she’s pregnant? Will her fingers get too swollen to wear Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring?

Anyway, congratulations and good luck to the royal couple as they take one giant step closer to the production of a next generation heir! We look forward to some royal bump-watching soon.

photo: Ikon Pictures,

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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