9 Ways to Dress Up Your Bump For a Maternity Photo Shoot

When I think about this potentially being my last pregnancy, there are a lot of things I want to make sure I experience before the door is closed. I’ve had three children, but I have yet to have a professional, fun maternity photo shoot done. I have very few photographs of myself pregnant with my first and second child and with my third, I have weekly belly photos, but nothing special.

I am thinking I want that “something special” this time around. There are so many amazing and stunning photos—simple, elegant, creative, fun. I have lots of choices. It’s just something I want to be able to look at years down the road and feel beautiful in those images (and not just feel huge). I am not really sure what you do with those photos once you’ve got them (do you hang them on the wall?), but the experience itself is what seems to be so much fun.

In the spirit of maternity photo shoots, I’ve rounded up 9 ways you can dress up your bump for a fun and unique maternity photo shoot:

  • 9 Ways to Dress Up Your Bump For a Maternity Photo Shoot 1 of 10

    Since your belly is growing, why not highlight it in some of your maternity photos using these fun props?

  • Use Kid Toys 2 of 10

    This is a cute way to dress up your bump using your soon-to-be-born child's toy. I've seen others spell out the name or gender using the wooden blocks.

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  • Hands and Jewlery 3 of 10

    There's love between the mama-to-be and papa-to-be and showing that on your bump in photo shoot pictures can be really romantic.

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  • Ultrasound Debut 4 of 10

    This is a fun way to incorporate your baby into the picture using their ultrasound photo. I've seen photos of people holding them like this, getting the ultrasound imprinted into a t-shirt and have even seen them digitally altered onto a bare belly.

    Photo credit: oexenhave | Flickr AttributionNo Derivative Works

  • Henna Design 5 of 10

    It's such a gorgeous design and really brings something special to your already special growing belly. It can make for a fun and unique photo.

    Photo credit: Henna by Heather - Mehndi in Boston / Providence M | Flickr Attribution

  • Saying Onesie or T-Shirt 6 of 10

    There are a lot of fun onesies with cute sayings on them and same goes for maternity shirts. Dress up your bump with one of these and make a statement.

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  • Sticker It Up 7 of 10

    There are some fun ways to incorporate stickers into your photos. This one has the bay saying hello and their name. I've seen some available to purchase with the baby's gender, due date, fun sayings and how far along your pregnancy is.

    Photo credit: Esther Gibbons | Flickr AttributionNo Derivative Works

  • Paint the Belly 8 of 10

    There are a lot of creative ways you can paint your expanding belly for a photo. This one just has a typical henna-like design, but you can paint the baby's name, a painted image of the ultrasound or you can get super wild or creative.

    Photo credit: bokeh burger | Flickr AttributionNo Derivative Works

  • Put a Bow on It 9 of 10

    I've seen a lot of maternity photos using the cute bow on the bump. Some use it to share the gender of their child and other's wrap it up like a present that they're waiting to open. There are a lot of fun ways you can use a bow for your photo.

    Photo credit: Esther Gibbons | Flickr AttributionNo Derivative Works

  • Just Go Bare 10 of 10

    If you are comfortable just showing it all, that can be a unique photo image as well. Decorate around the belly like this image using an interesting fabric to highlight the bump.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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