A 32-Week Pregnancy Bumpdate: Pain, Preparation, and Pumpkins

pregnantIt’s been awhile since I last gave you an update about this pregnancy, and it’s hard to believe I am already rounding out the end of this one! At 32 weeks, a lot of worries have faded, but there are some new complications that have made life a little more uncomfortable.

There is a lot going on here with the older kids getting ready for Halloween. I am still trying to put together a last-minute costume, and I have a feeling I will end up a generic pumpkin because it seems to go really well with a big pregnant belly.

Most of the worries about baby boy have gone away, and we’re just hoping the cord issue doesn’t start to present itself now that we’re getting later into the third trimester. I have been diagnosed with bilateral hydronephrosis (I was diagnosed with unilateral hydronephrosis at around 12 weeks pregnant), and my kidneys are causing a lot of issues for me. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re here  to stay until the baby is born. My urologist told me that my complications and pain were just going to get worse as the pregnancy progressed, and he was right. On the bright side, my doctors are managing me well, and we have some big decisions and questions to work though later this week at our next appointment.

Here are some fast facts to give you a rundown of what 32 weeks pregnant is like:

Week of pregnancy: 32 weeks

Weight gain: No weight gain yet. I am still at a negative gain and don’t think that will change too much going forward.

Symptoms: My feet have started to hurt at the end of the day. I still have nausea and vomiting (but it’s getting better), and the heartburn is still present. I have a lot of symptoms due to the bilateral hydronephrosis, and I’m managing those the best I can.

Showing yet? My belly this time around is so high up and round it’s hard to miss if you’re looking at me from the side. I love the size and shape and I feel beautiful.

The best thing: Watching my belly move with each of his kicks and wiggles. It hurts at times, but it’s so fun to see.

The most difficult thing: Managing the bilateral hydronephrosis and making sure the baby isn’t feeling too much of my pain.

Food cravings or aversions: I have been vegetarian for the majority of the pregnancy, and that’s still sticking. I have been craving orange juice a lot lately and drink obsessive amounts of it.

Feeling baby move?: I have been told so many times, by multiple professionals, that this baby is very active. They comment on how difficult it is to get a good read of his heartbeat because he just won’t sit still. I can totally second all of that … he moves a lot!

Maternity clothes?: I am still in non-maternity, regular pants, and it’s been great! However, my maternity shirts are starting to get too small and I’ve been making sure to layer up with my maternity support tank to give extra coverage to the lower belly.

Appointments coming up: I have a prenatal appointment coming up this week, and because a few things are up in the air, I anticipate a few more appointments to come.

Looking forward to: The changes coming up. Big ones and lovely ones!

Boy or girl?: He is still a boy!

Purchases?:  I have bought a few more clothes and some swaddling blankets, but otherwise I think we’re totally set.

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Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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