A Bit of Inspiration From Our Gender Reveal Party To Yours

Now that our gender reveal party is over and I’ve already shared the video with all of you, I thought I’d share some of the photos with you.  It was so much fun – even better than I’d hoped and I’d highly recommend having a party of your own if you get the chance!

Hopefully the photos will give you a bit of inspiration for your own party and I’ll also give you a couple of my tips for hosting after the jump!

  • The Tally Board 1 of 13
    The Tally Board
    We used our chalkboard to have our guests cast their votes for boy or girl. Blue and pink chalk added a nice effect. The garlands I used were from Michael's (the pink one) and the dollar store (the blue one).
  • Ultrasound Photo Display 2 of 13
    Ultrasound Photo Display
    People love seeing photos of babies...even if they're blurry ultrasound photos, so we displayed the photos from the day on a "clothesline". I got pink and blue name tag cards from the dollar store and wrote "boy" and "girl" on them to decorate the edge of our mirror where they hung.
  • Wear Your Vote 3 of 13
    Wear Your Vote
    Guests who didn't remember to wear their blue or pink could take a clothespin to wear for girl or boy depending on their vote. The clothespins just had pink or blue paper that said "boy" or "girl" written on them. Nothing too fancy.
  • Color Coordinated Candy 4 of 13
    Color Coordinated Candy
    The obligatory blue and pink candies that I painstakingly sorted out of the bulk bins at my local grocery store.
  • Cupcakes 5 of 13
    Delicious cupcakes made by my sweet friend (and wonderful secret keeper!) Becca. This is before we found out if there was blue or pink frosting on the inside.
  • Dinner Menu 6 of 13
    Dinner Menu
    We tried to pick something that would be delicious, but also ridiculously easy to make for our pre-reveal dinner. Since we had about 30 people over crock pot cooking seemed like the easiest way to go. I borrowed crock pots from friends and family and made pulled pork and chipotle broccoli slaw for sandwiches. It sounds WAY harder than it is, trust me.
  • Drink Options 7 of 13
    Drink Options
    Since I'm not doing any alcoholic drinking these days, we made a bowl of strawberry lemonade, but for those that are lucky enough to be able to enjoy libations, we offered pitchers of blackberry mojitos - my husband's specialty.
  • Easy Side Dish 8 of 13
    Easy Side Dish
    Corn on the cob was an easy side dish for so many guests. My husband did a great job barbecuing it in our backyard fire pit.
  • Pink and Blue Guests 9 of 13
    Pink and Blue Guests
    Guests mingling in the backyard representing their guesses for what Baby Hartmann's sex would be via their clothing color choices.
  • Pink Shirt 10 of 13
    Pink Shirt
    My little buddy Bennett hoping for a girlfriend with his "pink shirt".
  • Getting In Our Last Minute Guesses 11 of 13
    Getting In Our Last Minute Guesses
    Feeling nervous as we prepare to find out the answer to the question: "boy or girl?".
  • Surprise 12 of 13
    This photo perfectly captures my confusion and shock at the findings inside of my cupcake.
  • It’s a Girl! 13 of 13
    It's a Girl!
    My "motherly Intuition" was way off. I was convinced we were expecting a boy, but a little pink frosting was all it took to prove me wrong. Looking forward to meeting our daughter!



1.  Incorporate your color scheme into your necessary party items.

-I went with a standard pink and blue theme and tried to tie in the colors in as many practical ways as I could to avoid needing more decor.  Pink and blue utensils, plates, napkins, cups, straws, and food (watermelon, strawberry lemonade, candy, etc…).

2.  Go to your local dollar store

-I spent a total of $9 on all of my decor.  True story.  In addition to what I bought, I just threw in random blue and pink items I had at home.  No need to go broke – there’s a baby on the way!

3.  Crock Pot Cook!

-I cannot emphasize how nice it was to have everything pre-cooked in crock pots.  Much easier than barbecuing.

4.  Get a friend to bake your reveal cupcakes/cake.

-I’m lucky that my friend Becca offered to make our cupcakes and that she’s an awesome baker to boot, but I’m sure many people would be willing to help out if you were planning a fun surprise like this.  Just make sure the person you appoint as baker is a good secret keeper!  Lucky for me, Becca is.

5.  Have fun!

-I was a little worried and thought I’d feel awkward being in the spotlight in front of everyone at the party, but it was actually really fun and everyone really enjoyed seeing our reaction.  Enjoy!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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