A Bump's Shape

Bumps: Some are high, some are low, some are wide, some are narrow. Some are flat and some are pointed.

My bump is low, wide, and pointy, as you can clearly see in my 24 week picture to the left!

What does a bump’s shape tell you?

Check through to find out!

Like babies, bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Old wives’ tales say that a bump’s size reveals whether the baby will be a boy or a girl and if the baby will be big or small. Apparently, if the bump is pointed, it’s a boy. If the bump is wider, it’s a girl. Football bumps equal boys and watermelon bumps equal girls. Urban legends say high bumps are female and low bumps are male. Or “all belly” means a boy and “round all over” means a girl. Whew! It’s confusing to keep all the tales straight.

In reality, there’s no scientific truth to the shape of the bump and the gender of your baby. Bump shape and size is highly influenced by:

  • First or Second Baby?: Women who are pregnant with their first tend to have tighter ab muscles and thus smaller bumps.¬†Similarly, women who are fitter will appear smaller. A woman who is pregnant with her second or third or fourth baby tend to carry lower.
  • Height: Short women tend to look ‘all baby’ and have bumps that appear lower than taller women.
  • Weight: Of course, if you’re naturally thinner, you will appear smaller.
  • Fluid: Women with more amniotic fluid around their babies may appear larger.
  • Stage of Pregnancy: Especially towards the end, bump shape can be highly influenced by the position of the baby.

What shape is your bump? Does your shape agree with the urban legends? We don’t know the sex of our child, so I’m not sure if my pointy, low bump is a girl or a boy!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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