A Great, Short Video of an Epidural Birth

There are a lot of birth videos making the rounds these days– I’ve seen incredible images from water births or home births. I’ve seen moms growling through the pushing phase and images of the euphoria hitting after the pain lifts. But most of these viral birth videos are of moms laboring without epidurals. And since many women do get epidurals in hospitals, it’s good to know what that can look like, too.

In this video mom is chatting and calm in the pushing phase. She even makes a joke about uploading this video to Youtube. She might be able to feel some pressure but an epidural is regional anesthesia, so she’s probably not feeling all that much of the birth. Check it out. (PS: This is very short and sweet but it’s definitely a real birth.  I think it’s awesome to see, but watch at your own discretion.)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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