A Lazy Woman's Guide To Summer Pregnancy In Style

Effortless summer style while pregnant is attainable for the laziest of ladies (trust me).

Being pregnant in the summer is no piece of cake, I say write this while in Texas where it is currently 109 degrees.  It’s hot, humid, and I’m hardly energized enough to put much effort into my appearance.

I might blog about fashion, style, and beauty but that does NOT mean I’m above being really really lazy when it comes to almost everything getting dressed.

For me, feeling good and looking good go hand in hand so I’ve devised a few tricks to keep me stylish throughout the summer with as little effort and energy as humanly possible.

Not one to keep goodness to myself, I’ve put together a slideshow of all my best tricks to save time, money, energy, and brain cells while still looking fabulous–after the jump.

My golden rule to easy maternity style is:

Have a general schedule/outline for what you’re going to wear each week. Shorts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  A skirt on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Dresses through the weekend.  You can plan however fits your lifestyle and use the tips below to give your summer maternity wardrobe standout style without really trying.

  • Maxi dresses for maximum style. 1 of 9
    Maxi dresses for maximum style.
    Maxi dresses look amazing on the pregnant figure and require little to no effort because it is an entire outfit in one giant piece of fabric. It really does not get simpler than this. They are also comfortable and perfect for traveling in style. Most of my pre-pregnancy maxi dresses are still being worn in my current third-trimester state.
  • Never underestimate the power of accessories! 2 of 9
    Never underestimate the power of accessories!
    Accessories make simple clothing exciting and versatile. Imagine how boring this outfit would be without the statement necklace and chic sandals. Use brooches, necklaces, lightweight scarves, vests and cardigans to make your shirts look extraordinary through all those long summer days you have to wear them.
  • Dress up those dresses. 3 of 9
    Dress up those dresses.
    Dresses are lazy girl's dream, especially in summer for the various events you might be going to. Your maternity dresses can look new every time you wear them if you swap shoes, accessories, and color schemes.
  • Lazy girl hair–put a scarf on it! 4 of 9
    Lazy girl hair--put a scarf on it!
    My trick to 5 minute hair that is totally functional, cool, and stylish in the sun is headbands and scarves. They are an easy and inexpensive way to avoid hair that just looks frumpy.
  • Turn short sundresses into breezy tops. 5 of 9
    Turn short sundresses into breezy tops.
    You may recognize this dress from the previous slide but as my belly grew, it quickly became too short to wear (without looking like a pregnant hoochie). It, along with the other little sundresses in my closet, have found a new calling as shirts.
  • Chic nails for lazy ladies. 6 of 9
    Chic nails for lazy  ladies.
    No need for a manicure that'll chip in a few days when you can wear Sally Hansen Nail Effects ($9.99) for up to 10 days (or more). They make me feel beautified, especially since I've given up on make-up in this heat and they are available in tons of prints, patterns, and colors.
  • If it works, RE-WEAR it! 7 of 9
    If it works, RE-WEAR it!
    See those shorts? As I type this, I'm wearing them for the fourth day in a row. They are one of two pairs of shorts that are comfortable at 33 weeks pregnant. I normally take them off when I'm home just to keep them fresh.
  • Have some stylish go-to shoes. 8 of 9
    Have some stylish go-to shoes.
    Since I only have one style of shoe that will fit my [now] swollen feet, they might as well be stylish. These flip flops coordinate with just about anything in my summer maternity wardrobe.
  • Sunglasses 9 of 9
    A big pair of stylish sunglasses does not have to cost a lot and can help you look hip in the heat without the need for makeup.

What are your favorite ways to stay stylish during the lazy days of summer?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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