A Lesson in Baby-Proofing From My Dogs.

This poor sheep never stood a chance.

My poor baby boy.  He hasn’t even arrived yet and already his new toys have been mangled by my dogs.  It started with his teddy bear blanket.  I found it suspiciously lying in the middle of the nursery floor a few days ago, and wondered how a stuffed bear head with no actual body had miraculously leaped from the crib.

Upon picking it up, I discovered that Mr. Bear’s face seemed a little stiff and grungy, like someone had been gnawing on him for the better part of an afternoon.  I tossed the bear blanket into the laundry pile and headed back out of the nursery without noticing the other casualty of the day…

The sleep sheep!  The poor sheep that was supposed to lure my baby to sleep with it’s soothing whale songs and heartbeat rhythms was now missing half of his face.  A few days earlier, my husband and I had been putting the finishing touches on the nursery, and I turned on the sheep just to see if it worked.  Both of my 50+ pound dogs immediately went racing out of the room, terrified of the sheep and his noise maker.

We slowly lured them back in, determined to make them feel comfortable and safe in the nursery so that it’s a space they are used to when our baby arrives.  Eventually they seemed calmed down and relaxed, so much that they both ended up curled up and snoozing while we hung the rest of our nursery art.  The sheep was working his magic!

Or so I thought.  It seems that one brave pup decided to seek his revenge on our sheep, and snuck back into the nursery to chew half of his face off.  I guess he showed him who’s boss.

I realized quickly that we are going to have quite the battle in distinguishing dog toys from baby/toddler toys for many years to come.  I am foreseeing a lot of teeth marks, decapitated stuffed animals, and toddlers in tears.

Has anyone else dealt with something similar?  How do you protect your baby toys from curious pets?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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