A Letter to my Unborn Daughter

Seems like baby girls and little girls are becoming a hot topic on the internet these days huh?

From the moment I got pregnant surprisingly late in 2010, I secretly wished for a little girl. I made no secret of that either. There is nothing wrong with having a desire for one sex over the other, especially when your home is over run with testosterone.

I was convinced by the time my ultrasound rolled around, we would be expecting a third son, which I had come to terms with. And when the ultrasound tech told us it was a girl, I was over joyed.

The video certainly got a lot of hits:

But I wanted to share a letter I wrote to my little girl once I discovered she, was really a she.

Dear Little Miss A,

You know… I never thought I would be the mother of a daughter. I never thought that I would be able to share the lessons of motherhood, and being a strong woman with any of my children. Your grandmother is one of the strongest women I have ever met. The single mother at a young age of two children, who went on to defy the odds, become a business owner, and provide for her children, a true hero in my eyes, and as you grow I am sure she will be a hero to you too.

Dream… and reach for the stars. Nothing is out of reach for you although our society will frequently tell you different. We live in a day in age where women are often put down, hurt by other women, or told they shouldn’t be proud of their accomplishments in life. You should always be proud, and never feel bad about doing good in life.

Know that no matter what you do in life, your father and I will always be proud of you. As will everyone in your life that loves you, which is a ton of people.  While you are certainly stubborn, and giving us a run for our money already, I can only hope that you will continue to push the envelope, and be yourself.

You are beautiful. No matter what some billboard on the side of the highway sets the standard of good looks, or what you should look like. As long as you are happy and beautiful on the inside, that is all you will need in life.

Don’t worry about your future… don’t worry about what you want to be when you grow up, or what society says you should be. Do what makes you happy, accomplish what feels right to you, and remember how important education is in life.

Love… but love those who are worth the gift of your own love in return. As the sunscreen song says… Don’t put up with people who are wreckless with your heart. You are worth much more than any silly boy.

Life is not a race, or a game. Sometimes you will be ahead, and sometimes you will behind… it comes with the territory. If you sweat it too much, all of the amazing opportunities you have will pass you by.

Have passion in life. Find a cause that grabs you, something important to you that will help you make a difference as a woman.

Be proud to be a woman… be lucky to be a strong woman… and don’t let others in life tell you that you are more difficult, or anything less than a man. You are equal, you always will be, and don’t let that slip away.

Be close with your brothers. They love you very much already even before you are with us. They will protect you, and you should protect them… have their back, they will always have yours. And some day when your father and I are gone… they will be all you have left of us.  Love them.

Friends are a dime a dozen… there are very few that will stand by your side for life. Don’t be hurt when friendships break, and people move on… It is a part of life that I learned the hard way.

It is a lot to take in, but just know you are worth far more than people will say, or society will make you feel. You are a beautiful, strong, and amazing woman. You are lucky to live at a time when we as women have so many right, that all the women before you have fought for.

We love you,
No matter who you are,
Or what you become in life…

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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