A Little Known Celluloid Gem: Walt Disney's "The Story Of Menstruation"

“Why is nature always called Mother Nature? Perhaps it’s because, like a mother, she quietly manages so much of our living without our ever realizing there’s a woman at work.”

These are the opening of a long lost Disney classic: “The Story of Menstruation.

The animated tutorial contains several interesting themes: there’s an almost crunchy appreciation of nature “all life is built on cycles, and the menstrual cycle is one normal part of nature’s eternal plan for passing on the gift of life;” a moderate approach to health (get sleep, avoid stress and be sure to exercise); and a stern message that women should stand up straight, continue with the housework and never complain!

A classic 1950’s female voice-over (‘ matooring hormones’), informs us that exercise is fine during your period, “it’s going to extremes that’s wrong.” You can dance whilst on the rag, but not too wildly! I’m guessing that dancing wildly is a metaphor for having sex though who is having sex? It’s never once mentioned in the entire segment on reproduction.

Just remember, though you may feel “less pep….don’t let it get you down. After all no matter how you feel you have to live with people. you have to live with yourself too. Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself and take those days in your stride, you’ll be able to keep smiling and stay even tempered.”




Thanks to Unicornbooty for introducing me to this classic.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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