A Little Pee Comes Out

Growing up, we had a trampoline in the back yard. My three sisters and I would spend hours jumping on and off the thing. The only person in my family that refused to jump on the “tramp” was my mother.

She claimed jumping on the trampoline would make her wet her pants.

At the time, 25 years ago, I thought it was the lamest excuse I’d ever heard for not wanting to play with your kids.

Now that I’m an adult, and pregnant with my fourth child, I get it. Oh, how I get it. She wasn’t lying, jumping up and down really would make her pee.Maybe I didn’t do enough of that Kegel exercise thing they tell you to do postpartum, but my pelvic floor is admittedly pretty darn weak. Often, “a little pee” comes out.

I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet.

As of recently, (and I’m banking on this being a pregnancy symptom that will go away postpartum), but I feel like I’m literally peeing myself all the time. I mean, not like a ton, but just a tiny bit, like a drip. Know what I mean?

I laugh, I pee.

I cough, I pee.

I sneeze, I pee.

If the baby kicks my bladder, you guessed it, I pee.

I pee, I pee, I peed. (Just a little bit).

How about you? As the baby gets bigger (and your bladder smaller) do you find yourself peeing your pants? You know, just a little bit?

Anyone know of a good workout dvd for my pelvic floor?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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