A Martini You Can Drink Right Now

The question of what to drink during pregnancy can be kind of challenging. If you’re ixnaying alcohol and caffeine, what’s left? Finding a good herbal tea is confusing. Juice is problematic if you’re trying to watch your sugar. Yeah, there’s water, but sometimes a person wants a little something with a little taste.

I got an inside tip about this new drink for pregnant and new moms, called Mamatini, full of (the right kinds of) herbs, spices and vitamins to support pregnancy and nursing. And it’s ginger-mint flavored, which can help with nausea, too.

Mamatini is a cocktail of herbs to help your body gear up for breastfeeding by stimulating milk production, as well as supplying your body with beneficial vitamins and herbs. Mamatini contains fenugreek, an herb known to up milk supply in new moms. It also contains fennel, which might help with one of fenugreek’s fairly uncommon but rather unpleasant side effects (gas).

Not only does this beverage solve the what-to-drink problem, it might help pregnant moms feel more confident and prepared about the upcoming breastfeeding experience. The Mamatini site contains more details about what’s in it and why it’s so good for you, as well as some recommendations about when to drink it and info on how to get it.

post-note: I revisited the Mamatini site and found that it’s a bit confusing on the subject of pregnancy. There’s a page for pregnant moms, with quotes likeĀ  “every pregnant woman wants to feel her best and prepare her body for the challenges of motherhood. That’s why Mamatini was designed to help you absorb and retain the minerals your body needs to help you have a more energetic and healthy start to motherhood, and provide your baby with the nutritional building blocks he or she needs to grow“. Which doesn’t exactly sound like something contra-indicated for pregnant women. A perfect example of the mixed messages women get about herbs in pregnancy. I posted more about this here.)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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