A Minute in My Head After Finding Out I Was Pregnant

Image Source: Heather Neal
Image Source: Heather Neal

From panic to joy to panic a hundred times and everything in between, all in 60 seconds — that’s what my emotions did in the first minute I found out I was pregnant the second time around.

Granted, this is with Baby No. 2, not three or seven or ten, but still, it was a wild ride on the coaster of my first reaction.

Here’s that single minute in my head:

Holy sh*t, what were we thinking?

Oh no, they’re going to have the same birthday.

Just kidding, I was always bad at math.

Oh my gosh, I have to keep my mouth shut an entire week until my husband comes home.

No, I’ll just tell him on the phone.

No way, I can’t tell him that on the phone, I need to see his face.

Holy crap, why did we think this was a good idea?

Did I just ruin my son’s life?

Why do I hate being an only child? Is that a good enough reason to have two?

Oh man, this is going to get expensive.

Thank goodness they won’t be in college at the same time.

Shoot, why did we wait so long for No. 2?

I can’t do this again — pregnancy is terrible.

Oh my gosh, I get to be pregnant again. I can’t wait to feel the baby kicking.

Why am I not sick yet?

Just kidding there’s the nausea I came to hate.

Or maybe that’s just nerves.

OK, time to chill out, you’ve done this before. You want this. You got this.

What was your first reaction to a second or third (or more) pregnancy?

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