A Month of No Bed Rest

It was a month ago I wrote about how an OB at my hospital suggested that I consider going on bed rest because of my irritable uterus. It was my 3rd visit in a few weeks and though my cervix was long and high and closed and all of that, they were still worried that all the contractions I was having were going to result in preterm labor.

I’m pretty happy to say that they were wrong.

Though I cut back on lifting at work and made it clear to my clinical instructor that I needed more help than I was getting, I have otherwise been continuing to work full steam ahead. And after some negotiations with my school, I am now one week from being finished. One week from maternity leave. I was originally supposed to have 3 weeks left, but I knew that there was no way that I would be able to work until 38 weeks, mentally or physically. And everyone else agreed.

In the past few weeks my contractions have gotten more painful, but thankfully they’ve also gotten much less frequent most days. I still have some bad days here and there, usually when I get dehydrated or overdo it, but in the past month I have thankfully not had to make a single trip to the hospital for contractions. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but since I was there 3 times in 6 weeks, a month away has been pretty nice. The aches and pains of a massively huge and still growing baby and uterus are also getting stronger and at the end of the day standing up is a major chore, but that too is still within the realm of normal, thankfully.

On Tuesday I go in for my first pants-off OB appointment (since my first one) at which time I’m hopeful that my OB will continue to support my working for one more week and that we can double check that my cervix is still in an appropriate state.

I know that plenty of you disagreed, strongly, with my decision to not do bed rest, but so far it seems that it was the right and safe decision for me and for my baby. Here’s to hoping we can finish out this last week before starting the real countdown until birth day.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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