A Morning Sickness Remedy That Actually Works

This, from a very morning sick pregnant journalist I know:

“There’s an actual remedy [for morning sickness] that was taken off the market in the US due to a bogus lawsuit but is used elsewhere, and you can make it with half a Unisom and vitamin b6– the info is out there but kind of buried, due to US conservatism and complacency on the issue. You can Google. But my friend’s midwife was Aussie and says there, everyone does it and hospitalization rate are HALF. It worked for me!…

I recall in the first trimester being all fired up about spreading this gospel and outraged that doctors don’t tell every nauseous pregnant lady to do it…. Mine had never heard of it when I told her and didn’t seem interested. Even on babycenter they are like, ten boring pages into the nausea post, “only after you’ve tried all other options….” THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS! Nothing else works!””

I googled.

The name of the remedy is Benedectin. It was withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer in 1983 but there is indeed  no evidence that it does any harm during pregnancy.  The FDA has classified the ingredients in Bendectin as “safe and effective for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.” In Canada it’s sold as Dicletin. You can’t buy it here but you can make it yourself.

At first I worried this might require too much sketchy home lab work but really all you have to do is take a pill and a vitamin at the same time. Plus a wide variety of online pregnancy health resources including Babycenter, Dr. Oz and Moondragon all agree it’s a fine idea as long as you consult your doctor or midwife first. Here’s the formula:

  • one 25mg tablet of vitamin B6
  • one 5 mg tablet of Unisom *

Dr. Oz says to dose 3-4 times a day. But I read elsewhere that this medicine can make you drowsy so don’t take it before driving, etc. As my crusading journalist friend pointed out:

“The only downside is that you can only do it at night, so I imagine some with even worse nausea than me might still puke during the day. I did still puke occasionally if I let my stomach get too empty, but less, and never in the evening after I took it, til I woke up.”

The original Benectin had 1/4 mg folic acid in with the blend, but most women are getting that in a prenatal or separate folic acid pill. There are other ways to handle morning sickness of course and you may not need this. But if the crackers and soda and sea-bands are not cutting it, homemade Benedectin may be worth a shot. And if it works for you, spread the word!

*  Avoid confusing Unisom Tablets with Unisom SleepGels, which contains different medication.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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