A New Approach to Naming Twins: 5 Ways to Do It Better

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Twin Names

Name searching is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, so you could imagine my excitement when I realized we’d be naming twins! (It should be noted that the excitement settled in immediately after the shock wore off, of course.)

I’ve been considering names since long before I even got pregnant. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is to bounce names back and forth with my dear baby-names-aficionado friend. She, too, squealed with excitement upon learning there’d be dos bambinos to name.

Naming another human being should not be taken lightly. This is serious stuff, folks. And as someone who eventually learned to love her own name after growing up disliking it (constant mispronunciations and misspellings), I can tell you that while I’m happy with my name Aela, having such a name has impressed upon me the very real importance of choosing “the right” name for my children.

So, naturally, I was thrilled when my friend sent me Nameberry’s post today that covers new and fresh ways to name twins in order to break away from the oh-so obvious and expected, while still not being outlandish.

After the jump, check out A New Approach to Naming Twins. And share your favorite twin names in the comments!

  • Shared Meaning 1 of 5
    Shared Meaning
    How lovely it would be to have a set of twins whose names both mean the same thing, such as "wished for child!" You can easily search for names with a certain meaning, and then find two that you like together.
    Source: Nameberry
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  • Shared Origin 2 of 5
    Shared Origin
    Sharing the origin of your twins' names is a great way to connect them. You can do this by picking an ethnic origin, but it also works if you pair names from your favorite author, names from the Bible, and so on.
    Source: Nameberry
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  • Same Number of Syllables 3 of 5
    Same Number of Syllables
    Choosing twin names with the same number of syllables allows you to link the names, but doesn't pigeonhole you with a limited number of name choices.
    Source: Nameberry
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  • Same First Initial, Different Sound 4 of 5
    Same First Initial, Different Sound
    Using the same first initial is a really sweet way to link twin names, but now's a great time to stop giving twins matchy-match names. Lily and Lila, Brian and Briana, Oliver and Olivia. Sure, they're nice names, but twins do have their own identity. Try names with the same first initial but with different sounds, like Clementine and Cyprus, or Georgia and Gavin.
    Source: Nameberry
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  • Shared Sound 5 of 5
    Shared Sound
    Don't confuse this with rhyming names, like Hannah and Anna, or Madison and Addison. Instead, opt for names that don't rhyme, but that share a similar sound, like an -en sound (Rowan and Logan), or a shared -a sound (Ramona and Luca).
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo: iStockphoto

Be sure to check out Nameberry’s entire list of Fresh Ways to Link Baby Names!

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