A Nursery Fit For a Music Lover

A musical themed nursery: the first step toward creating a music lover for life.

I know a lot of music lovers, which got me thinking: “A music-themed nursery would be so cute!”.  So, I typed “music themed nursery” into the old Googler and all that came up was classical music and dressers decoupaged with sheet music.  Hmmmm… not exactly modern.  Then I typed in “rock and roll nursery” and the results were even worse – crib sheets emblazoned with rainbow colored guitars and art that said things like “rock on” and “party like a rockstar”.  Ummmm…no.

My musical tastes are a little more M. Ward than Brett Michaels and I much prefer Bob Marley to Tchaikovsky.  So what does a nursery like that look like?  Well, I decided to round up some items I’d include in my nursery if I were going the musical route.  I like to think this is what a nursery fit for a music lover would look like.  Check it out after the jump!

  • DIY Song Lyric Wall Art 1 of 9
    DIY Song Lyric Wall Art
    Take your favorite song lyrics and turn it into one-of-a-kind nursery art like Elsie did with this DIY over at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Record Sleeve Bunting 2 of 9
    Record Sleeve Bunting
    Make good use of those record sleeves with a DIY Bunting. You can find the tutorial by Rebecca Wright of Animal Head Vintage over at Oh Happy Day.
  • Concert T-Shirt Quilt 3 of 9
    Concert T-Shirt Quilt
    Dust off those old concert t-shirts and turn them into a perfectly musical quilt like this one by Baby Luxe Designs.
  • R is for Record 4 of 9
    R is for Record
    This print from Finny and Zook on Etsy does double duty: letter recognition and cool nursery decor in one.
  • 45 Record Adapter Pillow 5 of 9
    45 Record Adapter Pillow
    I love the graphic quality of this pillow by Avis and Iris with it's subtle nod to a love of 45's.
  • Record Mobile 6 of 9
    Record Mobile
    You could DIY your own record mobile, or purchase this fun felt version fromSmall Stuff Designs. Either way it would look great in a music themed nursery.
  • Mixed Tape Floor Mat 7 of 9
    Mixed Tape Floor Mat
    This floor mat fromUrban Outfitters will serve as a discussion starter as you explain to your child just what a cassette tape is one day.
  • Name in Lights 8 of 9
    Name in Lights
    What baby wouldn't want their name in lights with their very own marquee letter?
  • Record Wall Clock 9 of 9
    Record Wall Clock
    This clock from Urban Outfitters is perfect for telling what ungodly hour you're up at during those late night/early morning feedings.


Main photo: by {Lauren Hartmann}

#1: DIY Music Lyric Wall Art via {A Beautiful Mess}

#2: DIY Record Sleeve Bunting by {Rebecca Wright} via {Oh Happy Day}

#3: Concert T-Shirt Quilt via {Baby Lux Design on Flickr}

#4: R is for Record Print by {Finny and Zook}

#5: 45 Pillow by {Avis and Iris}

#6: Record Mobile by {Small Stuff Designs}

#7: Mixed Tape Floor Mat via {Urban Outfitters}

#8: Marquee Letter via {Urban Outfitters}

#9: Record Wall Clock via {Urban Outfitters}

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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