A Postpartum Recipe for Healing: DIY Herb Bath Soak

While there are many beautiful things about giving birth, the immediate disarray state of my vagina is typically not one of them.

To put it to you bluntly, vaginal birth makes my bottom feel like it was hit by a semi truck that’s also on fire. Yes, a flaming 18 wheeler hits my vagina, and leaves behind a beautiful little baby.

In the immediate days and weeks postpartum, you might be left wondering if your lady bits will ever go back to being normal. Being pregnant for now for my fourth time, I can reassuringly tell you, it will go back (mostly) to the way it was….eventually.

Something I plan to do in the first few weeks postpartum is take many healing herb bath soaks. Not only is it a much needed relaxing experience, but it will also help heal and speed up recovery to any trauma that might have happened “down there”.

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a batch of her homemade soak as an early baby gift. I, of course, asked her for her recipe.

DIY Postpartum Bath Soak:

What you will need: (2oz of each herb will make a large batch)

calendula flowers (reduces inflammation, controls bleeding, and soothes irritated tissue)
lavender flowers (has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties)
sage leaves (anti-inflammatory properties, alleviates cramping)
yarrow blossoms (encourages clotting, anti-inflammatory properties)
rosemary (anti-inflammatory properties)
uva ursi (antimicrobial properties)

Mix up equal parts and store in plastic bag or large jar.

The herbs should be readily available at your local natural health store. I was given the mixture and told to put a few heaping tablespoons in a large reusable tea bag and throw in the tub.

If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own postpartum healing bath soak, you can pick up a similar pre-made version from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics for only $5.95.

And as always, if you’re skeptical regarding anything medicinal, never hesitate to consult your health care provider before diving into something new. Even if it’s just the tub…

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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