A Pregnancy Video Game: Yes This Is For Real

There has definitely been a time or two (OK…maybe 12) when I’ve wished that my husband could experience for just a little while what pregnancy was actually like.  Wouldn’t it be so great if he could understand how this felt, so he’d stop hassling me for slacking off on the dishes?

Well, thanks to an experimental video game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show convention, there is now a video game that could make my dreams a reality.

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The premise of this experimental game is that the player puts on a vest that slowly fills with water to stimulate enlarging breasts and belly.  It can even simulate kicks via an internal vibrating mechanism.  You can wake the “baby” up by jumping around, or calm it down by rubbing your belly.  Simultaneously creepy AND awesome.

The thought behind the game is that it will help the partners of pregnant women to empathize and appreciate the changes that come along with pregnancy.  Also, you can earn points and up your score.  I’m not exactly sure how the scoring works, but perhaps with practice you can receive a high score that will translate to actual parenting skills.

Can you imagine guys hanging out playing this game?  “Dude!  I just got a 93% in parenting!  Sweet!”

While comical, I’m pretty sure that without the crazy hormones, stretchy skin, urinary incontinence, morning sickness and odd looks from strangers this game probably wouldn’t hold a candle to what real pregnancy is like.

Read more about the details of this game over at 1-Up!  You have to see it to believe it.


Photo via: {1-Up}

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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