A Pretty Real-Life Baby Shower On the Cheap

A French Country themed baby shower that's both pretty and attainable - even if you aren't Martha!

I’m going to honest with you.  There are a ton of baby shower ideas out there, cuter than the ones I’m about to share with you, abounding throughout the magical wide world known as the interweb.  Literally…tons.  The only problem with most of them is that they are unattainable for most people hosting a baby shower because of time constraints, money constraints, or level of DIY difficulty (or all of the above).

I consider myself to be of an average level of craftiness.  I’m definitely no Martha, but I have some basic lazy-crafter skills.  I like taking on small (i.e. simple) DIY projects, but I’m not all that ambitious about it.  Most of the showers I see scattered across the internet look like someone spent hundreds of hours painstakingly creating each and every detail and even more money special ordering all the custom decor and invitations.  And while that’s lovely and I like to look at those showers, let’s be honest…I’m probably never going to throw a shower like that.  BUT, just because I can’t spend a fortune and don’t have countless hours to spend cutting out miniature rosettes, doesn’t mean I don’t like to put together a cute well-thought-out party.

This is a French Country themed baby shower that I put together for my friend Anna about a year ago.  The photos aren’t fabulous, but hopefully they’ll give you a bit of real-life baby shower inspiration and show you just what you can do with a small budget, minimal craftiness and a bit of creativity.

  • Drink Bar 1 of 7
    Drink Bar
    For the drink bar I used Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade. It was a yummy drink for summer and it doubled as decor, tying in the pink and white color scheme. Anytime you can double dip and make party necessities work as decor - do it! It's a cost saver and will solidify your theme. The lace "table cloth" is actually a curtain I thrifted and the candies are Neopolitans. The "BEBE" sign was pieced together from wooden letters I got at a craft store for a few dollars and made a great gift for the mama-to-be to take home later.
  • Non-Embarrassing Baby Shower Games 2 of 7
    Non-Embarrassing Baby Shower Games
    I am absolutely, 100% anti-awkward baby shower games. Call me crazy, but guessing which candy bar has been melted into a diaper or making a mama-to-be feel even more self-conscious about her growing belly by guessing what its measurements are just doesn't appeal to me. Instead we had a guessing game to guess how many clothespins were in a large jar...much less awkward. The jar was found around my house and the clothespins were from the dollar store.
  • Floral Arrangement 3 of 7
    Floral Arrangement
    Flowers can be expensive, so I cheated. I bought a few bouquets from Trader Joe's (no...I promise I am not a TJ's spokesperson) and picked some random weeds from my yard and divided them up amongst mismatched vessels I scavenged from around my house. I stuck with white, clear and pink vessels so as to tie in my color theme.
  • Mismatched China 4 of 7
    Mismatched China
    The mismatched china was my mother-in-law's and added some charm to the French Country theme. It also saved us from buying disposable.
  • Lunch Menu 5 of 7
    Lunch Menu
    The lunch menu was kept simple with mini croissant sandwiches in the French theme and fruit skewers.
  • Dessert Menu 6 of 7
    Dessert Menu
    For dessert we went French as well with chocolate beignets, coconut macaroons and mini chocolate mousse.
  • Favors 7 of 7
    The favors were simple paper bags (on which I wrote "Merci!") tied with a ribbon and filled with little cookies. Sweet, simple and cost effective.


main photo: {Vintage Paper Parade}

all other photos: {Lauren Hartmann via The Little Things We Do…}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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