A Sneak(y) Peek at Our Little One

A Sneaky Peek at Our Little OneWe went to our old CNM (certified nursing midwife) for our first official appointment with her. She was my midwife for several weeks before we found out we were having twins and had to switch to a high risk OB, that she still oversaw. We are seeing her so we can cover all (reasonable for us) options for birth and a doctor and feel comfortable with a decision soon.

After a Doppler without a heartbeat (which we knew was likely seeing as I’m 8 weeks) she told us that she’d take us over to an empty ultrasound room for a little look. Unscheduled. Unrecorded. On her break.

She remembered what happened with us last pregnancy and was eager to make sure we knew everything was ok, but also to make sure there was just one little one in there this time. And if not, make plans for the next steps.

So after the world’s longest wait in that office to be able to see this new little on, we were able to get a look:

A Sneak Peek at Our Little One

You’ll have to excuse the blur and how far away it is. She wasn’t able to work the new machine enough to zoom in, and Sam decided to stand back 7 feet and take the picture. 🙂 Because this wasn’t scheduled and no one really knew we were in there, she couldn’t pull a tech into help us, but at least we got a glimpse for a few minutes!

We saw the heartbeat, it’s little nubby arms and legs waving all over the place. And I didn’t really feel “excited”, more just relief that for now, things are doing good. It was such an amazing little sight to see.

Because she couldn’t date it, I’ll go back for another in a month or so. She printed off a few for us, one given to Bella who carried it around all day long with her and showed everyone. She knows so much more about all of this from a year ago, and Sam and I are so excited to see her be a big sister.

We are having a baby. Right now everything is ok. That is a blessing. All I think and pray at this point is “grow little one grow”.

P.S. Our midwife is awesome.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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