A Valentine’s Day Conception? Yes, Please!

Conceiving on Valentine's Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost six weeks since I miscarried my twins just before Christmas at 17-weeks pregnant. It feels like a lifetime ago. And it feels like yesterday.

My wife and I decided pretty shortly after our loss that we’d definitely try again. Other than making that decision, there was little we could actually do to make that happen, except wait and know that none of it is in our hands.

While I had been anxiously awaiting the return of my period so that we could plan our next pregnancy attempt, the Universe was plotting and aligning a plan of its own. And five weeks to the day of my miscarriage, I got my period.

Today, I went to our fertility center for my Day 3 ultrasound and baseline blood work. I’ve become an old pro at this routine. They check my hormone levels and take a look-see at my uterus and ovaries. The fibroid that’s been with me since the beginning is still there, not surprisingly. But it seems I’ve gained a new friend, too. There’s another fibroid now.

My ultrasound tech wasn’t worried about it. She said that oftentimes small, undetected fibroids will grow during a pregnancy because they thrive on the high levels of hormones. We’ll know more about this new visitor after my sonohysterography and my hysterosalpingogram in a few days. Both of these procedures are common; the first will check my uterus more closely by filling it up with saline, and the other will check my Fallopian tubes for blockages by pushing dye through them and taking an X-ray.

I don’t suspect any problems to be discovered during these routine fertility procedures, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit worried.

After those tests prove we’re in the clear, I’ll return the following week to have my uterine lining checked for thickness. By that time, I’ll have been taking estrogen pills (which I start today) for 10 days. Hopefully, my lining will be nice and thick and ready for the implantation of a frozen embryo of mine!

And guess when that would happen? Guess which day our embryo transfer would be?

That’s right: Valentine’s Day.

Well played, Universe. Well played.

I think conceiving on Valentine’s Day is just what we deserve after losing our twins three days before Christmas, after my breasts became engorged with milk and had no babies to feed on Christmas morning, after I spotted for 20 days from my miscarriage.

A Valentine conception would be pretty amazing.

We have a lot of love in our lives already. And think it’d be incredible to have the force of all the love of Valentine’s Day from around the world with us as we embark on this journey once again. That’s a lot of loving energy stuffed into a single day.

And we could use all the goodness we can get to surround us while we God willing prepare a precious life to come safely into my womb.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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