According to Wives Tales… My Daughter Should Have A Penis

Remember back in November I wrote a post called Old Wives Tales Lie!   Well after finding out we are for sure having a girl, and then encountering strangers analyzing my pregnant belly over the past couple weeks, I am even more stern in my stance that these old wives tales are completely full of crap!

I spent the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy comparing it to the pregnancies I had with both of my sons, and trying to guess what we were having, and by the time we rolled into the ultrasound room that day, I was fully convinced that we were expecting our third and final son.

Of course now the skepticism I originally had over our daughter really being a girl has faded because of the number of ultrasounds we have had in the last two months because of our difficult little girl.  Every time they ask “Do you know what you are having?”  and I always reply with the same thing… “Yes, a girl… Can you double check she still is without a penis?”   because in the back of my head, I never thought I would have a daughter.

Some more reasons why I thought this baby would have been Jameson and not Little Miss A?   Wives tales!  All of them point to her being a boy!

The Heart Rate:
If your little one has a heart rate over 140 beats per minute of BPM it will for sure be a little girl. Anything under 140 will score you a little man.
Both of my boys always ranged in the 150 or 160”²s so I guess that is out the window… although my daughter has remained in the 160’s this whole time. Confusing children!

The way you carry:
If you carry low, and out front, with a smaller belly you will be having a boy, and for a girl higher, with a big round belly.
Wrongo again!  My boys always stayed high, and round, which this baby has also. Although many strangers seem to think a round high belly is a little girl.

Your Face:
If your face is fuller and rounder during pregnancy, you will have a little girl, for a boy expect a longer and more narrow face.
Um, I missed that memo too!  I always looked like I was on the verge of being an Oompa Loompa minus the orange face paint with my sons… although this time around, I haven’t had any changes to my face!

Chinese Gender Chart:
The Chinese Gender chart is supposed to be around 90% accurate although I think it is full of crap!  It goes by the mothers age at conception, and and the month in which she got pregnant.
For both of my children, it said girl, and this baby it says boy. Clearly the Chinese gender chart is a giant fail!

Clearly if it was up to these old myths, we would already have two girls, and be expecting a boy this time around… not the other way around.  Do yourself a favor… instead of driving yourself crazy in the first half of your pregnancy wondering what you are having and if these old wives tales are true… just wait for your ultrasound if you are finding out… It will save you a lot of stress!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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