Accurate New Test Reveals Babys Sex at 7 Weeks; Would You Take It?

Would you find out as soon as possible the sex of your baby?

A new test is available in the United States in which doctors have the ability to tell a woman the sex of her unborn baby as early as seven weeks into her pregnancy simply by drawing her blood.

It’s not widely available yet, but it is believed to be a breakthrough for women at risk of having babies with certain diseases who could potentially avoid invasive procedures if they learned they had a fetus of a gender not affected by the illness.

However, the test also raises concerns that some people might use the test for gender selection and abortion, and the authors of the study said those who opt to take it should be questioned about how they plan to use the results. The study was published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Would you want to find out the sex of your baby as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy?

The analysis looked at more than 6,000 pregnancies, and found that the test is said to be roughly 95 percent accurate. Finding out the sex at seven weeks gestation is three weeks to a month ahead of older tests that determined a baby’s sex.

The test examined in the study is not the same as those that are already sold directly to consumers. Those sex-detection test kits using a mother’s urine or blood, according to the researchers, were not accurate before seven weeks pregnant.

In some countries like India, women who already have daughters are increasingly aborting their fetuses if they find out they are carrying another girl, despite a ban on exactly that practice. China is another example of women terminating pregnancies when a girl is detected due to the countries strong preference for male heirs.

Would you want to find out as early as seven weeks the sex of your baby? Would you ever terminate a pregnancy based on sex?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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