Acupuncture for IVF Success: How Does it Rate?

Acupuncture for IVF

Acupuncture for IVF success isn’t exactly a controversial topic in the same way that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is, how much fish is okay to eat, or what type of exercise is safe. But there are two sides to this issue that lead to one very solid result: The facts are inconclusive about whether or not acupuncture increases the success rate of IVF.

I can tell you from my own experience that of the three times I had acupuncture before and after my own IVF cycles (one low-dose fresh cycle, one full-dose fresh cycle, and one FET cycle), I successfully got pregnant once (my second try, the full-dose fresh cycle). You can see photos of my acupuncture session here.

To me, it makes sense that acupuncture would help IVF success. To me, the logistics behind acupuncture seem to go hand and hand with why it would beneficial for women undergoing IVF. Acupuncture helps you relax, it helps increase blood flow to the uterus, and it can reduce stress all of which are good for upping your chance of pregnancy.

But what do I know?

According to a recent Live Science article, “there has been no significant evidence that acupuncture helps women get pregnant when used in conjunction with IVF, nor is there agreement among doctors about why it would work.”

While acupuncture is common in China and regarded there as a legitimate healing practice, many Western doctors scoff at the “alternative” method, though some do agree that it may reduce stress and anxiety that often accompany women undergoing IVF.

The one thing researchers and doctors can agree on is that acupuncture certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of conceiving, nor are there any noted negative side effects of acupuncture.

::Have you ever had acupuncture for fertility reasons? What was your experience?::

Source: Live Science
Photo: iStockphoto

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