Adorable Fruit and Vegetable Onesies

I love browsing cute baby onesies on – the designs are always so fun and original.  And as a vegetarian who loves her fruits (and tries to like her vegetables), I adore these great fruit and vegetable-inspired onesies.

Is your baby a little carrot? A pumpkin? Or a googly-eyed eggplant?

Check out my favorite Etsy onesies after the jump!

  • To Help Your Baby’s Eyesight 1 of 10
    To Help Your Baby's Eyesight
    I'm lovin' this baby onesie with a cute little carrot. This hand-cut applique is stitched on to create a vintage feel. Would look especially cute on a redheaded baby - a little carrot top!
    $20 from Chickadee Station on
  • Eggplant Surprise 2 of 10
    Eggplant Surprise
    This screen-printed onesie features whimsical fruit and veggies on the front. In addition to the bugged-out eggplant, you can buy onesies with bananas, corn, pear, oranges, strawberries, and even string beans. How cute!
    $23 from Bugged Out on
  • Green Baby 3 of 10
    Green Baby
    Lovin' this bright green onesie with a kale outline. Get your greens, baby!
    $15 from Swordfish Screenprint on
  • Squeeze Your Lemon 4 of 10
    Squeeze Your Lemon
    Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!
    $12 from My Cow Dazy on
  • Farmers’ Market Baby 5 of 10
    Farmers' Market Baby
    The perfect outfit for your baby to wear on an outing to the farmers' market.
    $20 from Oliver Handmade on
  • Eat Local 6 of 10
    Eat Local
    How cute is this bright blue 'eat local' onesie?
    $22 from Growing Up Wild on
  • Pumpkin Bebe 7 of 10
    Pumpkin Bebe
    If your baby is your little pumpkin, then you need this cutie-pootie hand-embroidered onesie.
    $25 from Little Tow Heads on
  • Twin Veggies 8 of 10
    Twin Veggies
    I'm a huge fan of twin clothes that go together but aren't matchy-matchy. These two onesies - peas and carrots - are the sweetest thing.
    $29 from My Cow Dazy on
  • Veg Baby 9 of 10
    Veg Baby
    If your baby will be raised vegetarian, tell the world! And the play on the word 'pure' and 'puree' made me smile.
    $14 from Biased Baby on
  • Twins, Again! 10 of 10
    Twins, Again!
    Another cute outfit for twins. How great is this half-and-half watermelon smile? One for each baby!
    $18from Gray Day Designs on

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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